Material delivery for a new project, Unloading steel the Thai way.

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Material delivery for another project, This time I am building a shade roof over the garden, Problem is I need it now and it is much too hot to work on it.

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Benny's Smokin' BBQ says:


Benny's Smokin' BBQ says:


Noi Thaviboun says:

No rules or regulation lol

Lester Hersh says:

hope your project goes well

ugsisr says:

Looks like the weed in Thailand is still good…ROFL

backyardmeat says:

safety first, right? I have a feeling this wasn't their first rodeo 🙂

Southpaw Davey urban farm. says:

Thought the rice house was going to take a hit ;-O job done 😉

gil aguilar says:

that's kinda how my last girlfriend dropped my stuff off on my driveway. I wish she would have taken half the time these guys did, I might have goldfish today!

Elyse Joseph says:

Interesting method 😀 thanks for sharing that one, made me laugh!

Wallace Vivian says:

that's the way to do it

Derrixpics says:

As always entertaining and enlightening. 🙂

AJ Rockin Shockin Williams says:

Hey brother Paul I really enjoy watching your videos. Best reality show ever. Ha ha

Claus L. Madsen says:

I do not know where you get all the energy from all of your Projects, the temperature is not above 40 degrees? It is always interesting to follow your everyday life.

bangalorebobbel says:

hahaha, same they use to do it here, even with the electrical poles made from cement …
they do it sometimes even on highway … some years back one guy unloaded during driving, just some hundreds of meters in front of me. I could easily break but one guy's car in front of me got hit at the side, luckily nothing serious happened, only the car was nicely damaged …

rodney newbury says:

It was effective!! LOL

Svein Arne Grønnevik says:

T I T! 555! With no forklift or crane, this is the only way of getting it of this car as long as they don't want to spend an hour lifting and dragging the steel down by hand 1 and 1. Good luck in building the shade in the heat! This is work best suited to do in December to February.

Kevin Kingan says:

necessity is the mother of invention! Keep us posted on progress..Stay cool!!!

Phrog Flyer says:

I have seen the same method in the States for wood deliveries

dany hoyos says:

If you are reading this you are awesome and beautiful!

Lucas Van Zoest says:

What projects next

Joe Serrano says:

Easy as Pie! Oh the problem you tell us of, needing it now, pronto but its too hot to work on it,……I don't know who Thais pray for rain to come(cool it up a bit), but offering incense to Tlaloc, meshika rain god, to bless us all with cool rain! 🙂

RaeSyngKane says:

The second I saw how those were carried on that truck, I knew how this was going to go. I was laughing pretty hard at the natural progression of: Get the steel pipe back in the bundle. Pushing, kicking, lifting the bundle while pushing and kicking, and then hitting the pipes back in with other pipes.

Kurt Johnson says:

"Just think, these guys do this every day" hahaha.. well, they get the job done! Cool truck…it so wouldn't pass an emissions test.
Time to get the welder out.
Goat pen?
I haven't looked back on your vids but have you done one on how you actually build these projects of yours?
We see them in various states of completion….maybe ask your Lady to take some footage of you hard at work.

My Tube TV says:

Where there's a will, there's a way?! 🙂

rygus says:

How close are these uploaded in real time? Like how many hours do you upload this after you've recorded it?

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