LUCKY CHOW: Northern Thai Cuisine (S1 E3)

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peakarach says:

Luck, Lucky, Chow, ( Lucky Chow ) is lao name. Thai new year is Lao new year original, Thai water splashing was invented by Lue ppl from Yunnan province China about 700 years ago. Thais Bangkok are Lao mixed with southern Chinese, ( ethnic Lao ), Siam, Siamese are ethnic Lao mixed with Mon-khmer, Malayu ppl.

Thai Larb is Lao Larb original, Larb is Lao name, Pad Thai is Lao Khua Mee, ( fried noodles ), original. Vietnamese Pho is Lao Fer original, Khao Soy, Khao Poon, Khao Piak Khao, Khao Piak, Mee Ka Tee, Tua Nao paste, Tum Som, Som Moo, Moo Yor, Khao Nom Kok, Sai Ua, Orlam, ( Luang Prabang stew ), Lao Omelet, Soup puck salad, Seen Salavanh, ( beef jerky heaven ), Jeow Bong…is Lao foods original.

shmaveyea says:

Say pikla one more time.

Sittichok Soonlokeprasert says:

Normally in Thailand Thai people eat Tom Yum sometimes but we eat Phat Krapao (beef,pork,chicken,shrimp)always.

AznGosu says:

Jet Tila needs his own TV show. super artistic commentary

mehh says:

God that Asian host is annoying.

Mosquito Leong says:

Tom Yum is my favourite Thai food ! Is it availiable in USA

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