Love Pattaya Thailand “Dark Side Tour 2015” Long Forgotten

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East Pattaya, commonly referred to by the locals as The Darkside, is the area of the city across the train tracks on the other side of Sukhumvit Road.

The Darkside in Pattaya stretches to highway 36 in the north, Huai Yai Road in the south and Lake Mapbrachan in the east.

The Darkside Pattaya, gets its name from the fact that up until recently street lighting was few and far between so as night fell that whole district was plunged into darkness.

Fast forward to present day and thankfully The Darkside in Pattaya is now fully lit throughout and packed full of businesses, housing and leisure opportunities.

There is a huge expat population in East Pattaya, seldom visited by tourists the immigrants have made The Darkside their own. As a result there is a wealth of beer bars, pubs and agogo clubs scattered throughout this massive district.

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ranold dsouza says:

Bro , Can you say me in this no Barfine or Ladey drink charge

Stephen Mewett says:

Are we able to bock a trip with you around these bars ?

prac2 says:

extremely racey vid

colstevo says:

enjoyed your trip to dark sidebars comming over in late august and on your video I am going to visit these bars,can you bar fine these girls or just short time room?

djguy100 says:

Logged on today for content and i was showing as unsubscribed and had to hit the subscribe button again. YT seems to pull shit like this on lots of people.

joe vig says:

Beautiful girls. Too bad they have to lower themselves so low for the entertainment of a few old white guys for a couple of bucks to survive.

Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Fantastic video, some nice looking ladies in both establishments. I remember when the Booze Lounge used to be on Soi Buakhow but I guess they changed locations. Cheers!

murat unal says:

Can someone tell me which mix of "show me love" playing in that video? I really liked that so much.

Nigel Old & Grey says:

liking the booze lounge, some very tidy girls.
nice. video

Tom says:

Keep videos like these coming and you will get alot more subs.

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