Los Angeles Thai Town with Chef Jet Tila

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Exploring a few of Food Network personality, restauranteur, a lifelong Angelino, Jet Tila’s favorite places in Los Angeles.

Visit America’s first Thai Market which was started by Jet’s parents in 1972, find out where to get the city’s best porky belly (at Jet’s favorite Thai restaurant), and where to pig out on delicious Thai desserts.

For more information on the places seen in this video: http://trevormorrowtravel.com/thai-town-los-angeles


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Producer/Host: Trevor Morrow
Camera: Corey Mclean, Sam Dakil (http://samdakil.com)
Editor: Sam Dakil
VO Recording: Cody Skully


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guess where I'm going tomorrow

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where the green onion on the ขนมครก ? ☹️😒😑

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The food in Thailand is the best of all.

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you guys making me so hungry.

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hello i would like you to a meal in Brea California let me know u you are available

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Watching this at night when there's nothing but a jar of pickles in my fridge….fuck

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What the address please

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