Living in a Dream – Koh Samui

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“Living in a Dream – Koh Samui”
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Hey Guys! Welcome to todays Vlog! Today Tessa and I spent the day in Koh Phangan and then travelled to Koh Samui! Tessa wasn’t feeling good so we didn’t get to go out and explore as much as we wanted but tomorrow we will be adventuring around on the scooter! If you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe!

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Tom Decoster says:

Nice footage! Whats the song @6:49?

yu_canada says:

Please let me know what song this is!

Jan Duda says:

Hi Man. Why are you so in love. You only show your face instead of Thailand
Jan D

Prithwish Roychowdhury says:

Where did you stay ? Please share the details!!

Mayaay says:

Heyy, what is that hotel you were staying at in Koh Samui? I am looking for one. Thank youuu!

Morgan D says:

Watching a handful of vlogs so late, just so I could have a JT marathon.

Mina M says:

Wow! That rain was insane 😅
Love your Vlogs! 🙂

Mick Riley says:

I've done the rain swimming thing in koh Phangan. Bottle beach 2009. V cool.
Great until the lightning starts.

Adrian Morton says:

You're right it is like living in a dream. The sky is so blue, the sun is so hot and the ocean is so cool. Even the clouds look different over there.

Steve Yalo says:

I'm currently traveling through Thailand as well 😀 Would love to link up

Steve Yalo says:

Love these vlogs Josh – new sub right here! Keep up the good work 🙂

Laura Garrett says:

New subscriber here, found you through watching Christian and Laura… Awesome vlogs really enjoy watching them

khalil k says:

amazing vlog Josh. Absolute stunning

Beauty by Becci says:

what hotel did you stay in koh samui? looks beautiful

Dan Freeman says:

check out fisherman's village, me and my girlfriend lived there for 3 months last year. They have a food thing on a Saturday too.

Kayla Lauryn says:

Your vlogs are amazingggg. New Subbie!!!

Julia Neh says:

Koh Samui looks amazing! I can't wait for the next vlogs 🙂

RemyLexington says:

Awesome trip. I feel so bad for Tessa. I hope she feels better quickly

david lamborn says:

Hi Josh
Fantastic vlogs from you and Tess
hope shes feeling better
were going Samui in Aug gonna take in a few islands after seing your vlogs
keep it up

Louisa 13 says:

Hey Josh, what music did you use for your intro ? P.S :I love your vlogs !

connor green says:

Hey bro, what camera do you use?

Hindi Illuminati says:

I Am subscribed but it doesn't notify me when you post s new video.

Mayra Leon says:

Your video edits are 👌🏻 loved that shot of you in the water when it was raining ❤😍

Emily Carter says:

Beautiful! I am so excited I am visiting Koh Samui in August😍

Ilmu Bertani says:

Hey man, i love your vlog..
but can u swing your camera a little slower,
because the camera motion sometimes too fast
and i feel a little dizzy..
overall very nice vlog

Ali cyat says:

What hotel is it in koh samui?

reggieinsamui B says:

where are you on Samui?

Elizabeth w says:

Thanks Josh,loved the rainy bit of the video in the sea !🌊☀️🌅👍

Travel n'2 says:

just found your channel from Christian 🙂
Big up, great vibe 🙂
we're doing weekly vlogs also 🙂 sooooo… have fun!

Aada Hjelt says:

I'M LIVING FOR THESE VLOGS!!!!! Love you guys❤️❤️❤️

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