Learn to speak Thai : useful sentence at Thai Restaurant

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This lesson you will learn how to ask for menu and other thing at Thai restaurant.
– Order the food at local restaurant.
– How to call the waiter /waitress .
– How to say ” I want….” ,
– check bill please.
– Wait a moment.
– Do you have chicken, pork? etc.

Learn more about how to form structure in Thai by
using this material:

Learn more about Thai food :

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Emerson Kadowaki says:

Hi! Great video. Thank you for sharing.
I’m barely starting to learn the language and reading and writing is been a chalange. I’d like to know how to write “norng” (young person), 7:02 on this video. I tried เนาะง and นอง in G.translate, but I didn’t work out.

gk10002000 says:

Oh just look at and enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of this young lady.  Best wishes

deem geem says:


Jason Stallworth says:

Why does 'bad' have the consonant ร at the end? บัตร

Ror Ruon says:

Good Thai pronunciation . So Thai is the third language that I interested to studies . But I just starting the first time beginner .

LetsViewTheWorld says:

Great video! Very helpful!

hessam abolghassemi says:

Good job. It is really very easy to learn Thai with you. Thanks so much.

mikeleekok says:

how to say 'plain rice' in Thai? thx kruu Nun.

Emilio Tuban says:

Thank you so much for this video. I'm writting everything what you're saying. Please teach us the thai alphabet and the pronunciations and tones especialy the no marked syllables. Please keep these videos up.

Bruno Sørensen says:

This lesson is one of the absolut best I seen – it is vey important tol eanr a few Words from basement  some of the others try to learn sentences. . whcih I cann ot use if I dont understand what each Words Means, ,   well done   kruu

Joao Kho says:

The problem is we learn how to say just a question sentence, but when she/he answers with thai… we are all BLANKS hahahaha !!

Gregory Veerananda says:

Wow! Just what I was looking for, great way to learn Thai online! Thank you kruu!

Mehdi Escobar says:

Great lessons, thank you.

Glyn Williams says:

Very useful lesson, Many words I didnt know exactly what they meant or how to use them.
Your pronunciation is very clear too.
One suggetion, as I am learning Thai, it would be useful to see the tones on the karaoke words.

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