Learn Thai for Tourists – Lesson 8 : Top Thai Dishes & Drink (ThaiSub)

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Let’s see the basic of Thai language for those who make a trip to Thailand for the first time. In this video, we will learn some top vocabulary of thai dishes and drink, hopefully you can order the food and drinks you like in Thai. Check it out!

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Mooch D says:

Thank you for this video. I do not eat meat and find it hard to order. I end up eating a lot of fried vegetables and rice. What is the best way to ask for a green curry with vegetables or to say I am vegetarian? Kha

Rajeev Narayan says:

a good useful video

Marcus Ong says:

I'm learning Thai now, I really enjoy your lessons..Thanks!!

何宇傑 says:

After watching these helpful videos you made , I become a fan for Ben haha5555! I couldn't help want to take a trip to Thailand to use the sentence that I've learned from videos . A big fan from Taiwan!

El Diablo says:

+Learn Thai by Ben I'm starting to get the hang of this. So if I want some chicken fried rice, I ask for " cow fat guy " and when I want an iced drink I ask for some Japanese money.

El Diablo says:

+Learn Thai by Ben You are very charming, thank you for making these videos. I am just starting to learn Thai, and I am so confused. In English, Ben is a mans name, and moo ( pork ) is the sound that a cow makes, and gai, ( chicken ) pronounced like " guy "
is a male person.
So I hope when I get to Thailand and ask for some gai and some moo to be delivered to my apartment, some man with a cow does not come to my door .

Nova Christina Rahalus says:

helpfull.. thanks for video!!! I can not wait to go to Thailand! 🙂

FairwayJack says:

good vid …thanks very much ..btw, are you wearing a pillow ?? 🙂

CraftyMofos says:

Can you do a video on allergy words? for example, I am allergic to milk, how to I ask to find out if it has a dairy product in it?

Ian Parker says:

How would i ask for hot water.Would it be Chan Ao Nam Plao Ron.

Jason Stallworth says:

Thank you for this lesson! I love Thai food, especially the food in Chiang Mai! Aroi mak!

Ma YouY says:

what to learn more about shopping

John Jensen says:

Ben, I'm somewhere between a beginner and intermediate Thai learner. I find that your lessons are the best I have seen here on Youtube for anyone going to Thailand for vacation. I recommend them often.

Lawrence Sedillo says:

Thank you for your lesson!

Chris Li says:

Hey Ben! You do a great job explaining the structure of the language in this video, keep it up! I love to see a follow up video with common Thai dishes as an example (helps with learning language and culture!). Looking forward to more videos 🙂

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