Landing in Bangkok Airport. Boeing 777-200. Thai Airways Flight TG322. Rolls Royce Trent Engine

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Landing after flight TG322 from Dhaka to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

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makara143 says:

At 0:30 what is this place?

Harry Wastie-Pero says:

Very nice Beauiful smooth landing at Bangkok airport

Harry Wastie-Pero says:

I’ve been Thai airline from Delhi to Bangkok they were great flight crew and flight attandents

M. Nurhaikal says:

Superb quality.

samrat Nath says:

so sweet airline

Bangkok Stayz says:

Nice views from the air. Thank you so very much. Watched it over and over again.

summer 09 says:

ไม่เคยไปวัดธรรมกาย ใหญ่ขนาดนั้นเลยหรอ ต้องไปลองซะแล้ว หวังว่าคงยังไม่โดนสั่งปิด

คนคน คนคน says:

the big airport in thailand .

danilomarzo57 says:

Bello !!!!!!! Which camera ???

little princess girl attitude says:

Very beautiful secenry


Very beautiful capture by camera man

M.M Rahman says:

Excilent Video Recording….very nice view

Manoj Kr. Bhandari says:

clear weather, safe landing. lt is adorable to me. Perhaps considering my budget l may plan to visit Bangkok again.

Muhammad Ehtesham says:

Good landing

Asad Ahmed says:

Asad baba Karachi to bangkok

Dandy Radeck says:

Super Video. Greating from Berlin

Tiara Mutiara says:

Plane is good

Ian Whelan says:

Great video. Seemed a long taxi to the gate??. The plane could do with a good wash.

Epic Monaro says:

Air Thailand to Cambodia 20-12-2017, return 20-01-2018

Lackhon khmer Kroc

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