Krabi Thailand VS Phuket, Which is a better beach? Rock Climbing & Long Tail Boat Rides

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We first visited Phuket back in 2011 and we thought it was one of the greatest places on earth. Fast forward to 2015 and we visited Krabi Thailand, and then took a trip to Phuket. Wow Phuket has changed. I don’t think we will ever go back to Phuket as Krabi was a much nicer beach, cheaper, and just way more of a bang for your buck.

Take a look at some of the sights and beach options in Krabi Thailand. And don’t forget to read about Falling Out Of Love with Phuket Here:

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Emile van Rooyen says:

Where is the comparison? Expected Krabi vs. Phuket…

على فطانى says:

المكان جدا جميل كرابي يا خرابي

على فطانى says:

المكان جدا جميل كرابي يا خرابي

UNBOX says:

Beautiful video. Congrats

Ahmad Young says:

The boats are very annoying of the view

Good Times says:

I cannot wrap my head around why anyone would stay in Ao Nang even if it was cheap, which it is not.

The Sting says:

This is just a video on Krabi, without Phuket, so whats there to compare between the two??? Phuket is equally beautiful without the awesome massive karst formations. Phuket has more beaches stretching from the north to the south of the island and some are definitely better than Krabi. Perhaps you do not know of or visited them. And there are the most beautiful islands like the Surin, Similan, Racha, etc nearby for island hopping……. Btw the boat trip from Phuket to Phi Phi is so very much better than from Krabi.

volker herbst says:

Thanks god, i ve made this trips 20 years earlier! Now it looks horible

Cesar Mieses says:

I visited Krabi/Phuket in July & August of '16. Had a great time. Railay beach is a must see if you visit Krabi. I personally thought Ao Nang beach was a amazing as well. It's large, clean, and had some amazing views of small islands.

Lisa Mitchell says:

Thank you SO much! This helped me make my decision. It's nice to see a real video that's not photoshopped without any people 🙂

Akisha Soyadi says:

thailand used to be good in the 90s..

dolores jaychinta says:

boths of beach very very nice really fun enjoyed i been there 2 weeks

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