KP – Thai Food Delivery

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Vasana Don says:

OMG…this is when I first started to watch your stream. I remember your agony with ordering food during the game. 😀 <3

MOBB_KP says:

kp my nickname irl funny coincidence

Nikusha Grdzelisvhili says:

is kp siv hds girlfriend?

Yoni & Mai Matkovsky says:

Hey guys check out my YouTube channel and click Subscribe button for me it's about Thai food 🌶🇹🇭🙏😋😋

RockerASword says:


PaulPogba6 says:

hahahahahahahahah that dying siv

PaulPogba6 says:


horgifon says:

666,666 views. Gg KP.

Scellex Entertainment says:

bitte bisschen hilfe beim red

TormundsMember says:

sooooooooo… did you get to eat thai food or not?

Soccer Dude249 says:

Are u guys brother and sister?

nathan koziosco says:

why is every girl streamer good looking
riot plz ??

เตี๋ยวเรือ says:

I like Thai food because I'm live in Thai

TrixDeniedXL -NorskGaming says:

she has a Steelseries siberia v2 🙂 i had the same

Monkey D.Yolo says:

Kp you are SivHD girlfriend?? 
Please answer :3 Miaw

VukoJebina says:

She is trying tooo much to be like siv.

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