Koh Samui Top 5 Things To Do

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Koh Samui is Thailand’s second largest island and has an area of nearly 230 square kilometers. The easiest way to get here is to fly in, in under an hour from the capital. Or fly to Surat Thani and take a ferry in.

5. Koh Samui’s to-die-for beaches. Chaweng is the most popular beach on the island. It’s 6kms of soft white sand and along the way there is countless bars, restaurants and good shopping. If you like your beaches more private then you should head to Chaweng Cove – a sneaky spot where you can basically swim and sun alone. And a shout out to Lamai Beach for good mix of active and serene.

4. View Point Options on Samui because the island has many hills, its full of incredible places to see the view.
The view Point at Hin Ta Hin Yai is a must see. This is a very popular photo spot and its not just cause the beach is incredibly scenic. The famous rocks here look remarkably like male and female ‘organs’ shall we say. Then for a cheeky 10 baht you can climb to the very top and get a 360 degree view of the whole area and finally the Jungle Club.

3. Spa Options.
Six Senses Samui – each treatment room is set in luxury jungle huts overlooking the ocean and something you HAVE to try if you come here is the Amazing Senses 4 Hands. I swear you will be literally zinging from head to toe.
Tamarind Springs – here the feeling is about being at one with nature. The massage rooms are outdoors and all their staff studies yoga and meditation daily so their energies can be rejuvenating to the clients. Quick tip – don’t miss out on the organic breakfast and post massage juices! But the highlight HAS to be the natural pools and saunas built inside a huge rock.

2. Experiencing Local and International Dishes.
A must do for those who like seafood is the Bophut Fisherman Village. This happens every Friday, and the main streets fill up with food and cute craft vendors. This is a spot for families and there is live music too, but if street delights are your kind of thing then head here with an empty stomach and don’t miss the freshly barbequed items!
For fine dining, my personal pick is Zazen Restaurant at the resort of the same name also in Bophut. If you are in the mood for romance – come here! The restaurant is decked out in Moroccan finery, but serves Mediterranean and Thai infused cuisine.

1. Mountain Tour at Namuang Safari Park
So why is it number one? It combines family, fun, nature, adventure, animals and much more. At this one place you can sign up for Elephant trekking, 4×4 mountain exploring, Quad bikes and cable riding

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SaHar Ch says:

Poor animals

Royaltybrand11 says:

All places that promote riding elephants need to be shut down. I hate that

Jake McCreedy-Evans says:

You should be ashamed of yourself promoting cruelty to animals. You really are a stupid cunt.

djveda says:

Good video until the end. Seriously, in this day and age, you're still promoting Elephant rides? Its ABUSE! They are mistreated and exploited. I was going to subscribe and watch more of your vids, but forget it now. Shame.

Richard Slater says:

You should take this video down and be ashamed of your self for promotion elephant riding. I'm pretty sure the elephants are not choosing to be riden by countless tourists every single day of their numb and repetitive lives. I genuinely hope you stump your toe on the corner of a table and experience the excruciating pain which will be the equivalent of these elephants being mentally tortured every.. Single.. Day. It's like the whole killer whale at sea world all over again.

Grazyna Aleksandrowicz says:

Honestly elephants are not for entertaining humans, how disgusting …. Made me really upset.

Phoebe Hopps says:

Great until the elephant abuse. FAIL.

Armstrong's Abroad says:

Noooooo! I was so into this until the elephants….ugh

Naqaa Rose says:

dumb and stupid makes me so angry….. seriously disgusting rich white ignorant people. DO NOT RIDE THE ELEPHANTS

hotbananas 2 says:

Some people say the island is actually sinking under the weight of boring whining Middle Class Jeremy Corbyn supporters.Other people say that when these supporters leave University and earn a few quid they become Tory voters, lets hope so for the sake of the island.

Geek Web says:

Love this! "Unique pentagon shape modern villa with seaview – Villas for Rent in Ko Samui #Travel" @airbnb https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/15380692?s=4

Yovav Shalit says:

please stop promote elephant riding

James O'C says:

I done an elephant ride in Koh Samui (think it was this place but all are bad). I really didn't realize how bad they were treated before this. They use the spiked attachment on the end of the stick to hit them on the top of the skull to get them to move and stay on the track. It was terrible hearing the elephant in pain. I wouldnt advise contributing to this problem by giving them your money. Hopefully there can be a way of preserving them without the cruel treatment. I was naive doing this the first time round but will defo not be visiting there on my next trip to koh samui!

Do Loeffen says:

Ga niet olifantje rijden, de dieren worden eerst gemarteld voor ze zo mooi getraind zijn en zo lopen met mensen op hun rug. Daarnaast hebben die mensen een speer om ze te prikken. Het is dieren mishandeling!

alessandro petrosino says:

so cruel for elephant!!

Daniel Clint says:

Nice video for those with no budget constraints. However pricing information has value to most of us.

Scott Morris says:

Shame someone doesn't bash you about and ride you. How funny would that be hahaha

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