Koh Samui Thailand, Some tips and information Vlog-029

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I am in Koh Samui Thailand for a week and it is so different to Pattaya, Nothing opens until 11am which caught me out and even finding some normal necessities was a task, Here’s what happens when your new to an area, Hopefully this will help you a little !


Bootlegger says:

Great channel I could watch you all day guvnor

Whitestar1 says:

You should have a look to see how much it would cost to go to a double edge safety razor out there. Cost me about 3000 baht (UK equivalent) about 2 years ago to buy everything pot of soap, badger brush + stand, razor plus about 100 blades and an alum block and I am just coming to the end of the blades. The pot still has about half the soap left in it and the 100 pack of blades are going to set me back about £14. Its well worth the move over from a cartridge razor for sure from a costs point.

Rodney Newton says:

I have been loyal to the Gillette Fusion brand for years. Gillette Fusion has shaving foam, not just a battery-operated shaver. In Koh Samui in three days, flying on Bangkok Airlines from Bangkok on Tuesday afternoon.

capio78 says:

lol I love Kev's video's but he's such a miserable git when the prices are high. Conditioner will block pores and give spots to most people.

Charlotte Oldfield says:

Kev your vlogs are just class me and my partner are coming to Thailand koh samui on Tuesday hope to run into you pal great videos

Ashley D says:

I just use normal soap.. to shave

kumasuke1 says:

lack of shaving stuff is the same all over thailand.. found a lemon and lime gillette foam one in watsons/7-11. In chiang mai I asked a few thai friends and they laughed and said, everyone uses soap. Hair conditioner – good tip kev!

Clive Crompton says:

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Where she got that then.???????//

Gareth Jones says:

Who's this legend I've just stumbled across? 😀

nelco69 says:

Hi, Kev. Gillette Fusion stop's your girlfriend Eh! hahaha. You are a funny guy Kev. You can use soap for shaving if you Wash your face with hot water first. It softens the hair on your face. Obviously, the people of Koh Samui don't think it is important to get the shops open at 8 or 9am for people who need things like shaving foam etc. Thankfully it isn't like that everywhere. On the mainland, shops are open early like anywhere should be.


Justin D says:

you are hilarious! 😂

Jasokay says:

Hi Kev, been Ko Samui bak in 2002, what is it like now was thinking of going in jan 2017, otherwise bak to pattaya not been there since 2006

Philliph Cruz says:

Best fucking video I have ever found!

chris barry says:

Buy an electric razor, or just use soap ,which is all I did.

John Nuttall says:

do you want some shaving gel bringing out

Catchphrase Clothing says:

Kev, TOP TIP – buy baby oil, its the best to shave in and keeps you looking young, I promise you theres no buying shaving cream again once you try it

yensabi says:

Had a good laugh at that vlog Kev………. : )

S T says:

My things have changed there. I was there 11 years ago. I loved it back then.

Steven Monash 62 says:

Hair conditioners are good in hot weather though expensive to run. Air-conditioners are good for the hair, even for shaving – thanks for the advice Kev 555

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