Koh Samui, Thailand – Budget Barbie: EP58

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Qiu Qiu flies to Koh Samui for some shopping, nature, and an unforgettable elephant ride!

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aliciaa says:

Qui is so scared of elephants but not herself smh😑

Sok Ra says:

U are crazy girl u don’t know what are u doing I’m so small and I’m not afraid and u are trying to make u get water u are so mean and by the way u are not pretty and your not cool but I’m sorry for saying but I want to tell u

chamainne ng says:

wtf the water market that is where my father went without me and my sibling

Cindy Chew says:

Scary cat walao where got people like this one . U only know how to think that you are pretty lady where got humble known self say u humble ( in another episode ) where got chio

Sanya Lely says:

I love at how they pronounce it wrong because I'm Thai and I can speak Thai.

Sanya Lely says:

I'm from Thailand

burn hot says:

The place looks nice❤️

Sittih Sali says:

i put you on the tv. wahahahahaahah

Carol MISQUITTA says:

I liked the white dress

choo sam says:

i live in bankok in thailand

Nur Aeesha says:

my baby cousin can ride an elephant and she was not scared like you were

Dilesh Perera says:

Cmon qui qui. surely u and ur producers are educated enough to realise that elephant rides promote animal abuse and agony for the poor elephant! why the hell do u guys have to show that activity? It's surprising that you are from Singapore, which is a developed nation with fantastic people who generally care about animals :'(

Cream Mallow says:

When I rode an elephant in Thailand, the elephant that my Cousin was on, randomly pooped while on the ride 😹

Chicken Nugget says:

You should go to an elephant rescue.You can feed and bathe them instead.

huang qiying says:

Who is watching in 2016 ( like if yes )

PP Suksiri says:

I love watching this since I am Thai and I can laugh at wrong pronunciation. Lol (not be rude)

Mirza Muneeb says:

The crown looks like prestige clips logo

Sanya Lely says:

I'm from Thailand

Chrissta Yepxx says:

I thot the elephant was cute!

Emma Areanna says:

Oh my god. Your so annoying and cocky

Marc Yeo Yi Fei says:

the airasia segment is too long

Juwita Friendship says:

she is very pretty

Kawpan Rattanachote says:

The elephant wont do you anything its nice and tamed

leila matani says:

I went to bangkok

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