Koh Samui – Thailand 2014 [GoPro 1080p Full HD]

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Koh Samui – Koh Tao – Kho Nang Yuan – Ang Thong National Park


Discover Philippines says:

+Michele Galloro Nextime you go to the philippines and discover the white sandy beaches here with us! 🙂

Andrea C says:

Brutto, Brutto, Brutto, Musica Pessima!

Mario S says:

bastardi , per colpa di voi stronzi turisti che gli animali vengono sfruttati e trattati come attrazzione. vergogna

Khairul Idzwan says:

can you tell us your trip itinerary? your trip seems exciting!

Michele Fontanella says:

Carino il video Michele
Anche la tua fidanzata non scherza, complimenti……..

Cristo sanchez says:

Omg this music !! Sucks

davesimm says:

What did you use to create the globe/flight line at the beginning?

eloy gambin says:

Deberias de borrar este video!! O al menos avergonzaros de usar animales para vuestro entretenimiento!! Vergonzoso!

Juan2003gtr says:

are your girlfriend tits real?….good pair of knockers

cesarebboy says:

ciao il posto al minuto e36 come si chiama?

Chom Bua says:

Nice trip for Thailand it's amazing this video ha ha….

Joanna Corlett says:

Great video but please please please for the love of God buy ur woman a hair brush or at least a hair clip lol

Falko HBS says:

war dort auch 😉 immer und immer wieder ^^

Cheng Ziniz says:

Great video!

PlatonsArm says:

You do know the animals were tortured for tourists to enjoy them?

Annisa Shabahati Permatasari says:

hi! do you still remember what travel u used to hoping island?

Debora says:

ciao Michele , bel video.
mi sapresti dire se a fine maggio koh samui va bene da visitare?
grazie 😉

ANT B says:

My suggestion….go into the jungle with the real wild animals and then you may post your video!

ANT B says:

These idiots are just brain dead….they could have done these things in any theme park around the world….instead they confuse themselves what our country is really about, totally missing the point about Thai culture.

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