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The fabulous Koh Samui Airport, full checking in, lounge, boarding and flight by Bangkok Airways PG132, business class, and Sofitel So in Bangkok…Don’t forget to click “I like” if it’s the case 🙂


Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong says:

Those Chinese tourists at 21:12 reminds me of being in China, especially with a mandarin speaking flight attendant. Also, they have no respect for where their feet should be. One time me and my dad (Thai of Teochow descent) went on a flight to Fuzhou (Foochow) in business class, the only other guy took off his shoes and pointed his feet at the overhead bins… haha. BTW what was the registration of the airplane? Papa golf x-ray or Papa Golf November?

Chatchai Luangamornlert says:

Beautiful Airport

Raviphan Panitcharoen says:

Become to be a big fan of your channel. I love to travel by a jet plane too.

Kuysieng Tubehd says:

Can u come to Cambodia

imsulemba jamir says:

waiting for your new video

shakaya51 says:


Haris Bhutta says:

we love Thailand and their friendly people

ก้องเอง จะใครละ says:

Thank you for review. ขอบคุณครับ

hamburg320 says:

i love the beginning scene. i remember that small airport so good. i used to ride around it when i was 15 with a small moped. one time it was pouring rain so strong. and the whole street was flooded haha.

salleh lazim says:

thats airport look like zoo..but amazing…:)

Panya Kamsom says:

i always follow and watching the video, i love every video that you post on YouTube… thanks you for visit Thailand and also thanks you for like thai people

fasterthanyou2planes says:

Such an amazingly unique airport! will be going there in the summer, also with Bangkok Airways and I cant wait. Nice video, thanks for uploading 🙂

Moonshinex3 says:

how many times have you been to thailand ? you seem to do a lot there !! who wouldn't though it seems to be wonderful

smasila says:

OMG. That water looks amazing


thanks for your travel in Thailand 😄😃
Thai smiles

rick atter says:

thanx for the detailed flight Report with Bangkok air!

koragot Madaeng says:

Samui airport entrance looks like water park or something like that to me XD

chris ure says:

what type of plane sir

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