Koh Phi Phi | Koh Samui | Koh Phangan | Koa Tao | Bangkok: Kinging-It Thailand Vlog Ep. 7

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Our Favourite Thailand hotels:
Oldtown Hostel – http://tidd.ly/d7193a0e
iSanook – http://tidd.ly/eadf72a8
Udee Bangkok – http://tidd.ly/b106159b
Happy Monkey Hostel – http://tidd.ly/67fd5982
Live It Up! Hostel Chitlom – http://tidd.ly/e0385604
Aetas Lumphini (posh hotel!) – http://tidd.ly/917504a0

Ko Samui
Fisherman’s House Cafe & Gallery – http://tidd.ly/c57684c0
Ananas: http://tidd.ly/95815d33

Koh Tao
Sensi Paradise – http://tidd.ly/115356ff
Summer Guesthouse Hostel – http://tidd.ly/bb6a18d6

Koh Phi Phi
Phi Phi Arboreal Resort – http://tidd.ly/21f1815

Koh Phangan
Sarana Bungalows – http://tidd.ly/30f878fb

Chiang Mai
S*Trips Poshtel – http://tidd.ly/f4d76eea
Thai Thai Hostel – http://tidd.ly/61d2284b

This is our mental 3 weeks through Thailand – Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan and Koa Tao
If you’re thinking about going … then just watch this and then decide!

We landed in Bangkok, then headed to Koh Phi Phi and made our way back up visiting three other islands – Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao – what an incredibly stunning country!

Boat tripping to Maya Bay, Nang Yuan, Fire Shows, Snorkelling – a paradise!

There is also some drone footage of Nang Yuan Island thrown in for good measure 😉

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deer1412 says:

Welcome to Thailand , thank you very much to travel in my country .We hope you will happy to this trip.

Mark Russel Alvaro says:

Please visit the Philippines!

Matthew Uzarski says:

How many nights was this trip???

Pornphimon Phlapmani says:

Where did you to watch the boxing? What's it call?

kayenem says:

this video is really funny!!

Magpie says:

Janey, that elephant place was sad.
Glad you discourage people now!

rohit shukre says:

love your videos..i know this one is quite old..but just a query out of curiosity..how you travel with the drone..you keep it with the check in baggage or with cabin..? whats the rules in general..?


great video

Michael Cook says:

Loving the videos guys, but please know riding elephants is EXTREMELY Bad for them, and the way they are trained is torturous. Please research 🙂 peace

Pumski-Travel says:

Thanks for posting!


peaceful harmony says:

looks really fun…especially with two cute girls!

Coolest Couple In The World says:

The Coolest Couple in the World, just liked your video! Well done…

Jwvid 17 says:

Yo guys! Remember you two from surf Snowdonia! I was the barman and still have your card in my wallet!
Starting my own travels and vlog in Jan!
Hopefully we will bump into each other again in the future 👍👍

Error 101 says:


Tikilove says:

How do you aford to travel?

Khpan NZ says:

After thailand, We were in Cambodia for 11 days and spent 6 days in Siem Reap. We stayed at this Boutique place called “Sumeru Boutique Hotel and Spa”, not trying to brag but the place was absolutely a gem. If you’re travelling in Cambodia I definitely recommend the smaller boutique hotels than the larger ones which mostly cater to mass Chinese tourist groups. I recommend this hotel, as they currently offer free breakfast and 60 minute massage with their bookings. Free pickup and transfer to and from the airport. This should be a given but read reviews before you book, Honestly the best 6 days in Cambodia 😀

First Person Traveller says:

So happy to go back there! these video's makes me more and more exciting. Cant wait! great video!

Blazingxinferno says:

brilliant videos guys i think i may well copy ur exact trip 😉


i love Thailand so much : )!!!!!!!

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