Koh Larn Beach Tour, Pattaya, Thailand

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Koh Larn Beach Tour, Pattaya, Thailand October 2015
เกาะล้าน หาด ทัวร์ , พัทยา, ไทย

Website – http://kohlarn.com/

Join me on a motorbike tour of Koh Larn islands four main beaches. Which one do you prefer?

เข้าร่วมฉัน ในทัวร์ รถมอเตอร์ไซด์ ของหมู่เกาะ สี่ เกาะล้าน ชายหาดหลัก ซึ่งหนึ่ง คุณชอบ?

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Goaexotic says:

Great video
Can koh larn be covered in 1 day visit?


Thank you, it helps me plan my adventures in Pattaya. You Fan #1 of Miami

gk10002000 says:

I took the ferry once with my Thai GF. It was low season so it was OK.  been several other times and the best way to go is to rent the speedboat down on beach road.  They will take you to the less crowded beach. My first trip in2004 was heaven.  I think we were on the east side of the island, only 4 couples were there that day.  Had a fine shrimps and fried rice lunch, with shakes.  it was quiet and peaceful.  loved it

Faizal .T says:

Which camcorder you're using to capture it .

bulfri says:

Hello 🙂 I really likes your video, it fits perfectly with the music. I plan to go to Pattaya and Ko Larn next winter in January and I had a question I would be thankful if you could answer that. Are the "empty" beaches (16.27 for example) far away from the place where the ferry from Pattaya stops? I mean is it possible to walk there or to take public transportation? And as January and February are high-season, do the beaches look like in the video or are they more crowded?

If you answer this, thank you so much, it will help me a lot to decide whether or not to visit those magnificent places 🙂

Ashu VJ says:

beautiful video excellent music

Helge Hodneland says:

Really cool music btw.

Helge Hodneland says:

Good video. I have been there many times and its always nice to come back to Koh Larn. Now my gf call me Koh Larn as I dont have any hair on my head… Playing guitar all my life as well. Take care!

Михаил Свистуленко says:

you are gorgeous operator, i just was there a week ago and watching your vid was like a refreshing. thanks a lot

Harry Cook says:

Thanks for sharing. I'm currently sitting in my apartment in Jomtien trying to plan a trip over to Koh Larn. The beaches here are fun, but Koh Larn looks like it has really nice, clean, clear waters. From what I gather, the main issue is getting transport around to see them all. I'm here for another month, so, I'll get there! Your video was very helpful! :–)

Russ Thorne says:

Nice video, would you mind if I embedded your video on to my site kohlarn.com

Flower Power says:

"Object of the senses" l "it's all in your MIND" x lol x Imagine the possibilities…

robert rudi hartono says:

walking in down town,i want see ladyboy

Nick in the States says:

Another great video to let me escape to a far off location without leaving home. Thanks as always! Cool to see you and your son have the guitar in common too! Cheers!

gearmeister says:

That's cool Dad. I used a couple of the soundtracks on goo-gl-u-tube. They are pretty nice. Keep the cool dad videos coming!

thomas holden says:

Nice one like the zoom work 😉

gearmeister says:

Nice videos…you do a great edit job after the fact as well, dad, is it your soundtrack?

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