Koh Chang White Sand Beach to Pattaya Thailand

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Geoff Carter leaves Paddy’s Palms, White Sand Beach, Koh Chang Island, & heads to Pattaya on the way back to Bangkok before flying back from Suvarnabhumi Airport. Mini bus & Ferry price 350 baht = approx. £7.00 . Mini bus to ferry terminal on Koh Chang, then ferry to Trat on the main land, then Trat to Pattaya. approx. time 5 hours 30 mins.

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tony matthews says:

only taxi company is pattayacentral.com, use them all the time, drivers are always sober, never racing, i use them 100%

Howard Neely says:

Hey Geoff , after all your travels, where is your favourite place? I myself still love Pattaya, Koh Larns quieter beaches are great and the Pattaya vibe and Issan street food are great. Take care

Kimbuddh says:

I'm responding to this one only because it's your most recent. I'll be traveling Bangkok, Koa Toh , Siem reap,Ankor Wat next January. Wondering if you might be around? You are so open and funny. I'd love to do what you do on video. I fear I have stage fright. Anyway I'm heading that way to do marine research(Koa Toh) so they tell me.😜
Looks like you hit Thailand every year so if our paths cross please let me know. A guy from Manchester and a girl from the south side of Chicago. Just to say hi.😎

Pattaya says:

Hello Geoff, when are you back mate?

Mal Milligan says:

Same stuff with random bad van drivers in Vietnam on occasion. Not sure what to do about them except write them up in travel websites to protect other potential victims.

Geoffrey Rose says:

Hope Mr Geoff Carter is ok ! Not seen of him in a month which is not like him .

Andreas Gottung says:

Thanks Mr. Carter. You're great

steve hansen says:

Please go back to Thailand I can't take another Kevin thailand video

kuta boko says:

YouTube can only keep 8/10 comments, sometimes less due to data restrictions

kuta boko says:

Where you? We miss you on YouTube

Jeffrey Williams says:

it is where I am going in late Aug of this year before I go back to Siam Reap

Amazing Philippines says:

Good video. The van drivers (VHire) here in the Philippines are just as bad. On the horn constantly and taking crazy chances using oncoming traffic lanes.

Dive Hi says:

love your videos

Adrien Sauvaget says:

Yeah I feel you on this one about the minibuss driver, those are dangerous and (usually) don't give a shit about the passengers. For me its all by private taxi now, way better.

craig vietor says:

your still there i thought you were done,,,,,,, wonder why was not getting your vlogs

smelbo8 says:

Hi Geoff miss your entertainment, when are you going again? We are going to Phuket and Bangkok at the end of October, fantastic. I will subscribe to your patreon account, cheers James and Mandy, North Wales

kuta boko says:

Where are we are bored, like to see back again. Sam

Jeff and Malee - From Arizona to Bangkok says:

Hey Geoff, do you think you might be back in Pattaya in the month of July at all? I will be on my way to Pattaya tomorrow and plan to stay for 3 weeks. Be nice to meet and share a beer. Let me know either way, thanks and keep smiling.

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