Kiwi Brand Thai Chef’s Knife in Action

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Kiwi brand Thai chef’s knives in action. Slicing mushrooms, dicing onion, dicing herbs.

Kiwi brand Thai chef’s knives have a well deserved reputation for great quality and unbeatable value.

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riaz hassan says:

good knife in minimum budget

TrappenWeisseGuy ; says:

They're surprisingly good and cut well because the blades are very thin but do dull fairly rapidly. Get yourself a decent water stone from a woodworking shop and you're in business. The stones in Asian markets are pretty bad but better than nothing I suppose.

Z Man says:

Great knives!

Owain Williams says:

That link doesn't work any more -get them at

sjohn says:

It's also commonly sold in Asian grocery stores. This is by far one of my favorite knife brand. It's very well priced which is also a proponent to my preference. It's better than Cuisinart knives and such and can cut almost as cleanly as my wusthof knives. However, if people buy Kiwi knives, it is very important to learn how to sharpen a blade as they do dull somewhat quickly with frequent use.

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