Kev in Thailand, Soi Arunotai and Shagwell Mansions Hotel Pattaya Vlog 277

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I am an expat living in Pattaya Thailand, I am showing you the area not just the Bars and clubs but everything that Pattaya has to offer you whether on Holiday or an Expat living here !


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Traveling Man says:

depressing rabbit hutches

Fred Azbell says:

Kev is always so happy, you can't help but like him. Good videos.

sibua69 says:

Good job Kevin keep up the good work an good information.

Mark Bonczewski says:

Hi Kev, love the vlogs, i asked you before i am from usa can u please review a hotel in a higher price range like 1k us dollars a mo????

lcmr123 miller says:

14000bht per month!! That is criminal. Thats 450bht per day if you calculate it for 31 day's. You could get a hotel room for less and that dosn't include electricity and water what a joke. Anyone who pays that is an idiot, hahaha. Thanks Kev.

You Cannot Be Serious says:

Great Vlog Kev, well done. Oh, and btw, you don't mind me asking, but how much did them teeth cost? Great set of pearly whites 😀

You Cannot Be Serious says:

Geeze looks like a fantastic breakfast, bet you could play Danny Boy in F major out the cheeks of your arse after that 🙂

You Cannot Be Serious says:

The Shagwell looks good, but room a bit on the small side, is it extra for wiping your knob in the curtains?

You Cannot Be Serious says:

Most of these rental joints make their money on the electricity, 9 baht a unit is a total rip off, in a private dwelling it's somewhere between 3/4 baht. The water rate is another rip off.

You Cannot Be Serious says:

Ello pepole, Gev in Doiland ear 😀

Tracy Beckett says:

Nice video Kev. Lots of useful information, I really like Arunothai and did a two week stay a year ago, in Shagwell Mansions, very nice.

Jobber Bob. says:

Before it was called Shagwell, It was a Thai place called Doungdao with rooms for B3000, in the days when Nirun Ville was a virtually empty estate and Arunothai was a small tree lined soi With not a single bar or shop. That was not too far back in the early 2000s

Ashley D says:

how much for a tent , in your front garden ?

His Nemesis says:

The pool, bar etc used to be all Shagwell, Australian owned. Maybe Wombats is still owned by them??? Really fond memories. Used to get an ace chicken fried rice there for 70 baht.

His Nemesis says:

Stayed on Soi Arunothai at the Karat condo's and drank in Shagwell Mansions regularly for about 6 months. Good memories. That was the last time in Pattaya, now live in Hua Hin. Thanks Kev.

Nick Pledger says:

Did you not shag well in there for your subs to see mate? Boost your ratings lol 🤣

Kru Ploppy says:

I think it is the Wombat that does the 99 baht beef stew that I referred to in another of your vlogs – delicious when I had it anyway..

Kru Ploppy says:

Yep! You definitely deserved that beer… in fact you should have one beer for each time you said Arunothai correctly!! 2:28 the soi to the right of family mart takes you to Takeaway and New plaza with the area of third road that has bollards making it easier to cross on foot…(I know you know but it adds a bit more info for your adoring fans)

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