Kev In Thailand Live Stream Over Pattaya

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Manfrotto hand tripod…..
Canon 70d kit…….
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Big Tripod for Canon 70D…….
DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone….
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I am an expat living in Pattaya Thailand, I am showing you the area not just the Bars and clubs but everything that Pattaya has to offer you whether on Holiday or an Expat living here !


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TheThailightZone says:

The video quality on your phone is great

Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Hey, nice setting from the most beautiful coffee shop in the world.

112X 112X says:

Atv4:40 is Kevin talking about this little squabble these Thai bloggers have been having? Mainly being that bald American guy who constantly puts out videos talking shit about people?

George Mouse says:

Lovely view. Been there. Your right it's freezing here.

pduffy4 says:

Chiang Mai is probably cheaper to live in. Visit Pattaya when you want.

pduffy4 says:

You should take an ice bath to remind yourself what it is like in UK at Christmas 😀 Frosty and very cold here. 2 degrees C in Glasgow just now, slippy pavements.

Cee Didley says:

are your teeth real Kev? if not where u get them done?

Justin Vardy says:

To kevin
Happy Christmas
From justin vardy

The double life of Mr Box says:

Great quality live stream

Steve Rushaw says:

There are thousands of YouTube videos of every dickhead with a camera walking through the streets..I'm glad you are dropping these as if you have watched one you have seen them offer something very different you offer an interesting view of what's going on on and look forward to more of your informed content….🙏🍻👍

Steve Rushaw says:

Why do I always miss these live streams…👍👍

Hans Munk says:

One of the best Live Stream I have had the pleasure to seen Kev ..

john smith says:

Kev Iove your videos. When u have time can u explain why u left spain for thailand? many thanks

Brummie Brink says:

good video kev

Phillip R says:

Windmill- no video… report of it lol and others make just a blog

Phillip R says:

Did not do your Normal intro lol Kev

Traciluv says:

Honestly, hate to hear you will no longer do the nightlife in Pattaya. Some of your best content was in your nightlife videos. You can only review so many temples and restaurants and beaches. Nightlife is what excites people to want to visit. However, I can understand a lot of the ladies not wanting to be on camera, when they probably have men worldwide sending them money because they are in a "supposed' relationship with them.

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