Keerati Pattaya Hotel on Soi LK Metro + Soi Chaiyapoon Walk $18 Per Night

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Keerati Homestay Hotel on the corner of Soi LK Metro and Soi Diana in Pattaya, Thailand. It has a very unique and beautiful design with nice details and a lot of wood used in construction. The cost is 600 baht per night but perhaps you can find it cheaper online.

The hotel is guest friendly and is situated right next to the nightlife of LK Metro street. Also you can use the pool and fitness facilities in nearby Metropole Hotel for free. The delux rooms are more spacious and cost about 900 baht per night. They also benefit from being on the backside of the soi so not as much noise at night.

This location is right in the middle of Pattaya near Soi Buakhow, Soi Diana and Soi Chaiyapoon.

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Ben Quinn says:

Have you done any Hostels?

vivek Joseph says:

nice video…..

Chris Riley says:

Hi Cheap Charlie – May I suggest that you complete a review of the bathroom and include a video the AC unit. If you have already hotel, your comments on the late night noise and AC abilities would be nice.
Thanks for your work!

Dennis Weifenbach says:

Cheap Charlie – Just curious why did you have to pixelate out the girls face at the end?

Gus olive says:

Bad thing in US you can pay $70 plus a night and still get roaches white trash tweekrs hanging out side your room and weak wi fi Reno Little Rock Fresno New mexico etc… Notorious for this

Brummie Brink says:

thanks for your video cheap charlie

Kennie MusicLovers says:

Not really SAFE to stay?

Kennie MusicLovers says:

…cheap and shady hotel ?

Mr Lek says:

Thats a good deal for being so central. Liked the medium room. Might pop in and look at a large room.

gavin d says:

Amon massage…one of my favorite place in all of Pattaya. Nice video and good coverage of LK

peackpr9 says:

Man, I have 34 days to go before I am back again. Definitely visiting Amon next trip.

Gbenro Oduyela says:

You talk too fast for this ladies to comprehend. English is not there first language.

SwanInnSongkran says:

Nice for 600 baht, would stay there no doubt.

Jason Sutton says:

a half day tour? 100 buks?

Scott Adkins 1988 says:

i would like to visit this place some day and bang some of beautiful young thai girls in those hotels.

David FLETCHER says:

What happened to Billabong Bar on the corner has it gone now?

ingrid Aneta says:

definetley…this man is a looser… he has no any chance to find a nice Thai girl for a girl for a relathionsip… i'm so sorry for him …but that's life

faron ray says:

I'm glad you took that other video down. You were acting like a little girl.

Buffalo Sick says:

PUT IT BACK UP! PUT IT BACK UP! PUT IT BACK UP!….. Cheap Charlie! I was one of the lucky ones to catch your rant on GREG before you took it down. The disguise getup was the most hilarious vids of all the Thai vloggers I have ever seen. It was a mistake to take it down, for it would have been the talk all over the Thai vloggers . That vid on GREG would have been the one to make your solid mark amongst Thai vloggers. It had a creepy frightening feeling to it as well as being hilarious. It gave me a 'CREEPY CLOWN 🤡 ' type feeling to it. I think there is enough time to revive it if you put back up. But you probably have less than 24 hours otherwise it will have lost its shelf life amongst the timing intertwined with the other vloggers related to this topic. IT WAS CLASSIC !!! PUT IT BACK UP !

Mike Ford. says:

Great videos Charlie, love the way you interact with the girls.. best blogger out there by far 🙂

adesades01 says:

Great review there cheapie, must be one of the best locations around there, B600, awesome.

MA H0202 says:

This is not good bro.. are you drunk talking bro? let it go bro. take down this video, stay away from bullshit…thats my advice…

holy moly says:

I see your subscriber number growing, keep it up🚩


Fantastic info on this vlog. Thanks again CC. I find these to be really helpful and can't wait to be there in January. It sure beats the hell out of the damn concrete forming I am currently doing. Take care.

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