Karon Beach Phuket Thailand Пляж Карон

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Karon Beach is one of the best in Phuket.
Пляж Карон (Karon Beach) является одним из самых лучших на Пхукете.

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Yasin Yassin says:


Миу says:

салют из Владивостока!
очень интересный влог у автора.
Не хуже, чем у "Вечного лета" из Таиланда, честно не хуже, лайк.

Ahmed Cadawe Dani Alves says:

Nice Thailand

Kevinpaul says:

No tits no drinks

Alpha Omega says:

Dude, you've wasted my time with those fluffy, square, flat, and disfigured figures.

Sameeir Shaikh says:


Oktaviardi Pratama says:

Bali still the best visit Indonesia

DniMrEven says:

nice beach!

MO5E5 T.YILMAZ says:

I was there last week. …

น้องจิ๊บ พริตตี้รถเหล็ก says:

I love thailand. so beautiful

ranjeet singh says:

very nice country

ranjeet singh says:

Dr Ranjit thailand

Tourist Of Asia says:

I have been visited many places in Thailand and after Thailand you may go to Siem reap, Cambodia There are a lot of temples to visit..

flachtube says:

plz subscrabe. my channel

Fras Baker says:

nice wiht plase this

Nerf War Superhero Kid Show says:

Pretty Cool


I also made same video, nice !!!

เต่า นินจา says:

Welcome to Thailand

Udayraj Gadhavi says:

nice beech ilike

saddam molla says:

hot and sexy girl

Rolandas Radavicius says:

place looks so nice.

Pasquale Moscato says:

Where r the TITTIES!

I Love Thailand says:

wow!!! nice video

Captain Adnan Chuhan says:


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