Karon Beach & Kata Beach, Phuket Thailand – Day Trip

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Karon Beach & Kata Beach are south of Patong Beach on the island of Phuket Thailand. I decided to take a day trip and go check them out. I was told there was a public bus that went that way but once i hit the streets i found out the only public bus went to Phuket Town. The price for that bus is 30 or 35 Baht and the trip can take up to 1 hour or more.

I eventually decised to take a taxi. The drivers starting price was 400 Baht to Kata beach. I negotiated with him and finally we agreed on 300 baht and he would stop at Karon beach for 20 minutes so i could get some footage, before taking me to Kata beach.

Once i arrived at Kata Beach, i was starving so i found a nice little rastaurant where they have a surf pool. I ordered a Thai Green Curry and the perice was 160 Baht. I sat and ate while watching 2 guys have some fun in the surf pool.

I stayed at Karon beach for about 2 and half hours. When i decided to ome home i enquiered about the price of a tuk-tuk fro mkaron to Patong. They lady told me it would cost 500 baht and she did not wamnt to negotiate. I decided to take the public bus from Karon to Kata which cost 35 Baht. I do not reccomend using this public service if you are in a rush or have to be somewhere urgently. It travels very slow. The total time from Karon to Kata on the public bus was about 15-20 minutes.

When i got off the bus at Kata i was quoted 250 for tuk-tuk to Patong Beach. I decided to start walking towards Patong. I walked up this big hill and took some shade outside a Resort. After some minutes i attracted the attention of an empty tuk-tuk. He pulled over and i negotiated 100 Baht back to Patong.

1 thing i miss is the beach deck chairs and umbrellas. These were an awesome thing for Thailand IMO. Now i avoid the beachs as everyone is fighting for the shade but overall i had a good day.

Total cost of transport was 300+35+100= 435 Baht.

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brad welsh says:

hey man , what was the hotel u at, how much and r they guest friendly. if not wich 1 u recomend

Aussie Outlaw says:

Ha ha , we had the same Issue every Bus whether you want to go to Karon or even to Kamala they go to Phuket Town which is nuts as it is completley out of the way , ended up getting a Cab for 200

Raeesah Fitness says:

Definitely enjoyed this video you're so funny! haven't been to Thailland yet but my family want to book a holiday so I'm doing some research on the areas, only been to Bali and everything there is quite close to each other- out of the area we are looking at Karon and Kata beach- could you give me any tips on which ones are the best of these or what they both have to offer? if you could that would be great and I would highly appreciate it!! 🙂

Alex L says:

)))) oh hell men – yammy mammy )))))))

Tom Banister says:

Love the vids man. You've been a crucial part of my planning for my Patong trip coming up next month. 1st time can't wait!! You probably get asked this a lot but what do you say at the end about the bar girls and what do you mean? Cheers man.

timsumguy says:

Good Vid, Thanks DF. How you like the Balimai hotel? I stayed there about 5 years ago, still had some construction going on

Zipporah Thecushite says:

9:15 The Chinese and Russian maybe dying because they cannot read English.

Darry says:

KATA beach is the nicest..

43854586 says:

How the f*ck did you get a Tuk tuk from Karon to Pattong for only 100?? The lowest we could haggle was 300 and even that was 100 lower than their "official" mafia price. Luckily we found a deaf/mute driver who would always take us for that much during our stay.

Adam Brown says:

Great vid DF…don't mind the southern beaches, I generally ride to the beaches north of Patong, Kamala and Surin, water is a bit clearer and you can hire a bed'n'brella.

Sang S says:

Driver is cool. Nice one DF.

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