Jomtien Beach Pattaya Nice Retirement and Expat Place

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Jomtien Beach is a huge area just to the south of Central Pattaya. In this video I visit the beach, talk to some of the locals, visit a few bars and guesthouses along the way. This is one of the many great places for people to live, visit and retire to in Thailand.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:

Leroy B says:

Unfortunately I never made it over to Jomtien, looks more relaxing. Must explore next time

de mun upswing says:

the climate is too hot, even for me (-a warm climates lover), and I don't enjoy a beach with a road right behind a nd plastic refuse all around.

DukeStarbuckle says:

Seems like you're always asking about the prices of things when they end up to be clearly posted. What's that about?

Traveler says:

Good Stuff.
Soo. how and where did you get the name "Cheap Charlie"?
Keep the videos coming

G W says:

Over there is not Sattahip, it's Ban Saray, Sattahip is the other side of the mountain

Abbas Abbasi says:

retirement in a brodell

Rafael Benitez says:

why did you choose Pataya? why not Phucket or Bangkok?

Andy Here says:

Hi Cheap Charlie can i meet you in December ;D You know so mutch about Pattaya. Im from germany and its my second Trip. I stay 2 months in Thailand.
How long you stay in pattaya ?

Jean-Paul Voets says:

Do you know you smile a lot in all youre video's. I hear it all the time, Ha Ha Ha, And saying Sawadee krap many time as well.
Good luck and keep up the good work Sir Cheap 555555

DoubleEszpresszo says:

Great place to meet Russian tourists. You will meet plenty of them.

suncloudsssssss says:

just because you have no intention of buying product or service doesn't mean you can't wastes the girls time and flirt with them

NLA 69 says:

Ihope its cleaner than Pattaya's beach water…

Leonardo Fibonacci says:

The beach is not nice. There is a lot of plastic waste in the sand and the water is contaminated with faeces. There are no biological sewage treatment plants in Pattaya and Jomtien.

Der Strand ist nicht schön. Es gibt viel Plastik Abfälle im Sand und das Wasser ist mit Fäkalien verunreinigt. Es gibt keine biologischen Kläranlagen in Pattaya und Jomtien.

Bas C says:

Could have sworn Beavis and Butthead where laughing behind you at 08:23

Hans M says:

Phat ta yaaa


Phatty ya

ras124 says:

play pattycake in pattaya

DRock7977 says:

Good video Charlie i wonder what those boatrides cost and how long time they take?
I wouldnt want to swim in a sea full of garbage.

Thai Tastic says:

11:26 Ballermann has been open for just a month, it is a bar with guest rooms upstairs. The place was gutted and completely transformed. It was free beer on their opening night and on their soft launch, which I did a live stream from. I need to post the video again!

Thai Tastic says:

11:05 This little cafe is on the corner with two mopeds outside is currently and has been for a long time, the best Thai food in Jomtien. The aptly named 'Thai Food Good' is best value for money. A regular spot for me and Thai's queue up in the morning every day to eat from here.

Thai Tastic says:

Dude, nice, but invest in a micro muff, to much wind noise

Pique Dard says:

12:13, the lady (the younger one 🙂 in yellow is saying ไข่เจียว (khai jiaao) which means omelet…or omelette

norman theobald says:

Watsch the private area of the Peoble !

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