It’s Christmas Time In Pattaya! – Pattaya Nightlife

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This was all filmed a few days before Christmas in Pattaya Thailand. Even though the Thais don’t really celebrate Christmas they are very accommodating about it, most gogo bars had some forms of Christmas decorations and a lot of the Thai girls were wearing Christmas themed outfits.

All filmed in Walking Street Pattaya and Soi 15 alley.

Merry Christmas!!


Kathmandu N says:

Aids, HIV, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Crabs, Herpes…. Enjoy it

ras124 says:

did girls ever say, look, theres a dum dum videotaping us?

Dino Distefano says:

I would like to see more of the African bar seem to be cool

Алекс Мерк says:

russian girls so bad haha

Brummie Brink says:

Great video, Thailand Red.

skippy says:

The girls all look like they a freezing – the temperature must have dropped below 25C.

luis antonio diaz lozada says:

Woow what a merry and happy christmas to spend with one of those thai girls.😋😋😍😍

Eddy Wauneka says:

Whos the girl with the big cheeks hanging out…wow…first time i seen a asian with twerking material…lol…they are all beautiful

Hot Chocolate says:

The donald on the left at 13:28?

Gareth Harper says:

Merry Christmas red keep up the great vids can't wait to get back out there

The Institute says:

I wouldn't mind barfining 151 5:14 @ Nui's Club 2

Ok says:

Looks like all the pretty ones have been barfined already.

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