Incredible Beach Planespotting at Phuket International Airport, Thailand! | PART 2

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Another beautiful day in Thailand! Decided to spend the day relaxing at the beach at the end of the runway by Phuket Airport. All of this footage was filmed in just 1 day, on November 23rd 2017.
This is one of my favourite videos. Mainly because of the jetblast. Now I had spent various days on this beach watching the planes prior to taking this video and it just goes to show that the wind direction really does impact the effects of the jetblast. On previous days the wind was blowing diagonally across the runway, causing it to actually interfere with the blast and cause very little impact on the beach. I saw 747’s taking off the day before and they had absolutely no impact on the beach whatsoever. However this day was different and it took me by surprise. As well as many unsuspecting tourists! The first heavy departure I saw this morning was a Nordwind A330. Once it began its take off roll, I glanced over my shoulder only to see people dropping to the ground and ducking for cover as the blast totally flips the beach! From that moment onwards, every heavy departure had the same effect. Some absolutely incredible scenes matching that of the famous St Maarten! 747’s absolutely uplifting the beach and blowing tourists and their belongings into the water. That sounds very familar. Check it out for yourselves.

Thai Airways International 747’s, A330’s, 777’s and A350!
Rossiya 747, Nordwind A330 & 777, Pegas 767, Azur Air 767, Cathay Dragon A330, Thomas Cook A330, Qatar 777, Aeroflot 777 and that’s just the heavies! Lots of Air Asia A320’s, Bangkok Airways A319’s & A320’s, Nok Air 737’s, Malaysian 737, Scoot / Tigerair A320’s, Thai Smile A320’s, China Southern A321, Thai Lion 737s and much more.
All of this video was filmed in just one day! Between 9:30am & 6:30pm! That’s one thing Phuket Airport gets that St Maarten doesn’t… Lot’s of heavies. More than just a few a day. Plenty of widebodies and a pretty continuous stream of arrivals & departures all day. Maybe 15 or 20 minutes at the most without a plane coming or going.

Just to highlight some of the best Jetblast moments, I’ll list them here:
At 04:25 – Nordwind A330 causing quite a stir on the beach.
At 16:20 – Thomas Cook A330 departing.
At 22:00 – Heavy Aeroflot 777 departure surprises a few people with a battering.
At 25:20 – Cathay Dragon A330 whips up a storm
At 27:20 – Azur Air 767 powers up with some filthy engines, giving the unsuspecting crowds a good sand blast!
At 34:00 – Rossiya 747-400 (EI-XLG) shows absolutely no mercy and leaves the beach completely flipped! Sending people ducking for cover & chasing their towels! (Also caught me out a little bit…)
At 45:00 – Nordwind 777 departure sends people for a run after their belongings.
46:40 – Thai A330 leaves a few people ducking for cover
49:00 – Thai 777-200 shows a couple just how powerful its Rolls Royce engines can be.

Its worth mentioning that although heavies. A lot of the Thai widebodies didn’t actually cause half as much jetblast, even the Thai 747’s because they weren’t very heavy, as they were only going to Bangkok. So surprising to some, the Thai 747’s didn’t cause half as much damage as the Rossiya 747 did.

Well there you have it! Enjoy PART 2, look out for PARTS 1 & 3.



I think Phuket should definitely be considered for any planespotting trips. Much better than I was expecting it to be.
Caribbean has got St Maarten. Europe’s got Skiathos and Asia has Phuket.



Jagga Singh says:

Excellent clip…thank you for sharing

Sutnam Taeng'Mo says:

สวยงาม (ที่นี้ ภูเก็ต)

The Jackaboy TMG says:

That is awesome mate, especially with the heavies coming right over your head. Unbelievable! 🙂

Ian S says:

Superb video

Casey Planespotting says:

Interesting video, loved the 747's

m rolfe says:

Sounds a bit exposed there! – interesting compilation

Love Japan says:

i love dangerous beach😱
i love b747👍
good video🤗

Gamer2345679 says:

Great video! Reminds me of st Maarten kinda!

turbofanlover says:

Yup……pretty 'St. Maartenish'……..and 'Skiathosish'. Who knew?!?! Thanks, Matt. 🙂

SPOTTER360 says:

Awesome video!

FlyCruise Singapore says:

Great compilation mate, I would definitely visit the beach when I visit Phuket in future!

Adam Joyce says:

The Thai tourism authority should pay you a commission. 😜💰 I bet a lot of people will want to visit this spot to capture such beautiful footage. 👍👏😊

KovuZeleon says:

Nice one, especially the 747

jonathon master 2017 says:

Love it im going in june

PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos says:

nice compilation! I have been in Phuket too but when the wind was from the other direction so i only got a few takeoffs… maybe i need to go back someday during THE season (wind wise) 😀

Gemini jets 767 says:

Nice first comment

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