Incredible Beach Planespotting at Phuket International Airport, Thailand! | PART 1

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2160p 4K HD!

Here it is! The first part of 3, amazing planespotting videos taken at the beautiful Phuket International Airport in Thailand. During my time in Thailand I built up a collection of over 2 hours worth of footage. So I needed to split them up a bit.
This is the first part, which features a few clips taken on the evening I’d arrived (Nov 20th) then my first full day of Spotting at Phuket (Nov 21st).

Thai Airways A350, A330’s, 747’s & 777’s!
Aeroflot 777’s
Pegas 767
Nordwind Airlines A330
JetStar A320’s
Scoot A320
Air Asia A320’s
Bangkok Airways A320’s & ATR72’s
NOK Air 737’s
Silk Air 737
Vietjet Thai A320’s
Thai Smile A320’s
Malaysian 737
and more!

& that is only the beginning…
The following week of filming at Phuket bought out some more brilliant arrivals & some insane jetblast! 747’s blowing people & their belongings off the beach into the sea… That sounds all too familiar if you ask me. Make sure you check out the following parts coming very soon! 😉
Still to come: Edelwiess A340, Rossiya 747’s, Thomas Cook A330, Etihad 777’s, Qatar 777’s, Emirates 777’s, Nordwind 777’s, Azul Air 767’s, Royal Flight 767’s Cathay Dragon A330’s, Finnair A350’s and much more Thai 747’s, 777’s, A330’s & A350’s!
All I can say is during the course of the 3 parts. The footage just gets better & better.


Thanks very much for watching!
Hope you enjoyed it, look out for Parts 2 & 3!



Boripat Wannasri says:

Princess Juliana 2

Maniam Arul says:

Amazing breathtaking vids…what camera and lenses or video camera are you using?

turbofanlover says:

Not quite St. Maarten………but it ain't bad. 🙂

Ernest Johnson says:

Very Enjoyable to see, THANK YOU MATT

Aviatorspot says:

Amazing Phuket spotting! What beach is near the airport fence? Name? Easy to get to from motels nearby? Is the beach area restricted now? I heard from a spotter the area is closed now due to police keep people away from the fence area.

Paul Cartlidge says:

Nice video , but that wind noose Ahhh, invest in a separate Mike with wind jammer worth every penny

AndreiTupolev says:

"My wife's gone to a popular beach resort in Thailand."
"That's what I said when she told me she was going without me."

AndreiTupolev says:

They all seem to get disconcertingly close to the fence before lifting off.

jonathon master 2017 says:

Im going in June

Hannes Olivier says:

No hands or heads chopped off?? Sign said no pics without permission🤔

FlyCruise Singapore says:

Great compilation!

DarkSoul ASMR says:

Is "Phuket" pronounced like I think it is?? 😁

Adam Joyce says:

Wonderful work, sir. 👏😊

Alex Tait says:

Where about a in Phuket are you staying as we stayed in the Chanalai Gardens when we went in April and let me say I have never been more relieved to get on a plane in my life! haha 😂

TPAspotting says:

I liked it.

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