I Went to Phuket, Thailand

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I went to Thailand! Precisely: Phuket (Island), Phi Phi Island, & Hong Island! :)))) Such an amazing trip! I miss the elephants (Natalie, Cho, and Granny) SO MUCH!


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Charles Washburn says:


katty Hernandez says:

I love chloe

Erika Alcazar says:

My name is Erika from Social Trinity. I work on behalf of Bucket List Travel Guide and Travelzoo UK. I came across your video of Thailand on your account such a great film so we would like to request a permission to feature you on our Facebook pages and credit your channel.

Our request is to edit a 60-90 seconds trailer of your film with royalty free music in 1080 x 1080 square.
Hoping for a positive response and thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,

Ball Kungz says:

I'm from Thailand. Your welcome everyone. Please keep cleaning.

GermanSquishies DIY says:

The Boy with his sausage at the beginning 😂

mia meixner says:

the elephants are the cutest thing ever!!


I'm Thai!

Tipsy Adventures says:

i saw your movie i LOVE it

hugrunfreyja says:

Where did you get that bikini?

MoonGypsy11 says:

Anyone know the song she used? Please let me know!!!

mi ming says:

you should visit Philippines

Rina Stanfield says:

I went there too

KJ Vlogs says:

When I saw those elephants 🐘 I was like CAN I BUY THOSE ELEPHANTS FOR ALL MY MONEY!!!

mollieee says:

what hotel did you stay in? and was it good

Anchalika Akk says:

I'm Thai!!! 🇹🇭

Blossom Buddies says:

Ahhh I love Thailand so much I went there a few years ago- lucky for me most of the tourists are Swedish too so I was able to make friends as I went with family.


my ass is bigger than hers 🙂

Daesha K. says:

2:43 that HAS to be terrifying…

Kshipra Shah says:

The elephants seemed so fun and relaxing

Run The Atlas says:

Love the vibes of this! Subbed. I just got back from Phuket/ Koh phi phi!- vlog in my channel.

L E says:

I want to meet you😫❤️
But I‘m from germany 🔥😫

Olivia Bottomley says:

U look like val

Ella Grace says:


M&M GIRLS says:

what it is music?

EmilyMustangs10 says:

Im going to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia thus Christmas!!

Martina Cunningham says:

Well now its on my bucket list to go to Thailand!! It looks amazing!! Swimming with fish and elephants?!?! That's amazing!! I need to do that!!

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