I like to walk on Pattaya Beach Road at sunset, Dec 2017

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andrew ealam says:

That's Your Bird @6:35 I saw how she looked at you as to say Cheap Charlie only gave me 200 baht for Boom Boom

andrew ealam says:

Not Many Beach Rd Freelancers about looks Deserted

michelle darling says:

Sounds like you were out of breath at the end….Too many chips and not enough press ups…..And Patts is a great place for press ups.

Howard Neely says:

I used to think Pattaya was a pretty dirty beach until I visited Manila Bay along Roxas boulevarde. I like Koh Larn beaches, nice day trip from Pattaya.

Cool One says:

Reminds me of Honolulu, just a touch grimier (but not much…lol) Thanks.

Liberty TV says:

Great video. Thanks.

DB Cooper says:

It doesn't look like much of a high season at all.

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