Hundreds of orchids compete for flower award

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Bangkok, Thailand – 6 June 2013
1. Wide of display of mythical creatures and elephants covered with orchids
2. Close-up of elephant models covered with orchid flowers
3. Wide of elephant models covered with orchid flowers
4. Wide of mythical women figures dressed in orchids
5. Tilt up of peacock tail made of phalaenopsis flowers
6. Wide spray of phalaenopsis orchids
7. Close-up of blotted phalaenopsis orchid
8. Wide of crowd taking photos of orchids on display
9. Close-up of paphiopedilum or lady slipper orchid
10. Close-up of purple vanda orchid
11. Close-up of yellow cattleya
12. Mid of orchids on display
13. Close up of winning orange vanda then rack focus to pale yellow vanda
14. Wide of crowd viewing orchids on display
15. Mid of Sarawadee Wichayanothai, owner of winning white rhychostylis orchid (by her side)
16. Tilt down of white rhychostylis orchid spray
17. SOUNDBITE (Thai) Sarawadee Wichayanothai, orchid breeder/winner:
“Orchids take a very long time to grow, so it takes a lot of patience. I do the same as everybody else. It’s all about patience.”
18. Wide of vanda orchids on display
19. Close-up of dark colored vanda orchid then tilt up to other vanda orchids
20. Wide pan of manlooking at vanda orchids on display
21. Mid of Luckana Naviroj showing vanda orchids
22. Close-up of purple vanda orchids
23. SOUNDBITE (Thai) Luckana Naviroj, First Senior Executive Vice President – Siam Paragon Retail Co. Ltd:
“As a Thai, before I organised this event, I was not very familiar with orchids. But today, I’m very proud that we have very many orchid breeds in Thailand, and that I know more about orchids in Thailand. I’m part of a campaign to get hotels and other organisations to use orchids more at events and that I’m part of this movement to make orchids more popular and boost the agricultural economy.
24. Mid of deep red vandas, then rack focus to yellow ascocenda orchids
25. Wide of orchids on display
26. Close-up of wild orchid
27. Mid of Liz Luxen taking photos of orchids on display
28. Close-up of miniature orchids
29. SOUNDBITE (English) Liz Luxen, orchid enthusiast
“Usually the small ones, they have very nice features. Very often bulbophyllums, they have very long lips, they have little hairs, they have little twinky things which twinkle. And the big ones, they just have big huge flower, lots of color and that’s it. So the smaller they are, the more exciting that’s for me.”
30. Mid of Maike Deudekom looking at striped phalaenopsis orchid
31. Close-up of striped phalaenopsis orchids
32. SOUNDBITE (English) Maike Van Deudekom, 29-year old Dutch tourist:
“We don’t have these�a lot of orchids in Holland. We only have�it’s for us regular�to have that one in the middle (pointing to phalaenopsis orchids) but all the other ones, I’ve never seen before. It’s beautiful.”
33. Wide of crowd viewing orchid display
34. Cose-up of brown coloured orchid
33. Close-up of rhychostylis orchid with winning badge in background
34. Wide of vanda orchids
35. Wide of crowd viewing orchid display
36. Close-up of purple vanda orchids
37. Close-up of miniature purple orchid with runner up badge in foreground
Raising the perfect orchid is a labour of love.
And to become best in show is a title that orchid growers from around Asia have been vying for in Bangkok this week.
The hall of the Siam Paragon Department Store in central Bangkok is transformed into an indoor garden with thousands of flowers on display.
Among the highlights of the exhibition this year is a 2.5-metre tall model elephant covered in orchid flowers.
Thai mythical creatures are also covered in the exotic flower.
Some flowers also came from Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore.

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