How to Say Thai Dishes Correctly and Look Dope

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Although many do not, some Thai people care about the way you pronounce the names of the dishes. This video teaches you how to say some popular Thai dishes.

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nicky de Jong says:

And I thought "Sa-Tay " was the thai word for "Steak"? 555

frodehans says:

Too much wrong pronunciations, talk about mixing everything up.

John S. says:

He's really awkward but it's cute on him


dude – ur fricking hill-hairy-ass

James Riley says:

"No tip for you…" = ไม่มีทิบมีแต่ถีบ
And hope the waiter doesn't lay down some muay Thai on me!

Kristen Simpson says:

I love listening to all different languages and accents and intonations and inflections. Your examples of burrito and quesadilla are great. I feel I would be insulting people who speak other languages as their first language if I tried to say them with the actual accents/inflections. So I say those words in flat, harsh, American English. However I would love to speak those words, and these words in Thai with the correct inflection and accents. I just don't want to offend anyone by doing so.

Numerical says:

I used to have a spanish friend. She always had a problem with me saying "ทอร์ทิยา" instead of "ตรอติย่า" .. Whatever girl , you never say thai dishes correctly either.

Gary Segorski says:

"It's not 'flubber' or 'flubber' or 'flubber', it's 'fl-ub-ber'… "   What?  After hearing all the wrong pronunciations, I forget which one was right.

Jessica Battin says:

full on lolz! you are so funny!

Phinphana Ward says:

Alif I am Lao-Laotian or Laoshen…whatever…I love all your videos. keep up the good work.Chao-Ta-Lok Liah Der…er er….

DiirtyeDiana says:

Lol pai thie.. (go die) that made me laugh. Sabaidee/swatdeekha Alif.

serberuss says:

Why am i watching this, I'm living in Thailand 555

hanzimaster says:

No tip for you 555+

josva0012 says:

For Practice Use
Tong Yum Goong – 2:20
Pad Thai – 2:32
Pad See Ew – 2:47
Pad Kee Mao – 3:00
Pad Prik King (Formally) – 3:18
Pad Prik King (Informally) – 3:23
Tom Kaa Gai – 3:37
Larb – 3:48
Hoi Tod – 3:58
Panang –  4:09
Satay – 4:21

A-onnie22 says:

ได้ยินผัดซีอิ๊ว เป็นผัดสยิว 5555555

Rasta Rigo says:

funny kit, brilliant work!

lavatube11 says:

Thanks VERY much! This is helpful. Now if I can get over feeling self-conscious about pronouncing it (and remembering the correct way to pronounce it), then I'm good to go 🙂
Funny presentation, love the humor, good job!

Ralph Rauch says:

Nicely done, and funny, korb khun krap!

Wit says:

Hahaha mindless fanboys.

zencat says:

I've been studying Thai for 2 years but I still just point at the picture coz my mouth just sort of freezes up…Love the waiter, but he slipped back into Thai style when mimicking farang saying "curry"… ^l^

blutey says:

Agree.The Thai-speaking-English accent is spot on! 🙂

ryusho2000 says:

Just a suggestion:is less confusing if you just concentrate on the correct pronunciation instead of trying to mimic the wrong ones, we don't really want to know that. Useful to give description of the ingredients as well….great vid anyhow, thanks


Oh, by the way, learning some basic Thais definitely helps a lot with the knowledge of Teochew dialect.


I can speak Chinese Teochew dialect in many Thai shops, market, shopping streets, restaurants, eateries and other Thai premises. I can even speak standard Chinese with many Northern Thais especially in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

OzDelphi says:

A few years ago, a lady shopkeeper in a provincial town corrected my pronunciation of "Marlboro". I was pronouncing it Mar-bor-oe in mid tones, but the third syllable should be a falling tone. So, I repeated my order with the correct third syllable tone, resulting in an approving smile from her.

Wit says:

You're weird, but I like your tie. 😉

松发洪 says:

I am confused about khaosuay (rice dish). What a hard pronounce.

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