How to Prepare Thai Hot Pot and Thai BBQ

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We ended a fun weekend with Adrienne and Christian of xoxocooks with yummy Thai hot pot! It was a great way to cure hangovers from drinking too much sake and making crunchy glitter slime. Watch all that on Adrienne’s channel:

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Filmed & Produced: Leonardo Samanamud
Hosted & Edited: Jennifer Phanomrat
Just Eat Life Mascot: Oreo Mudpie

Music courtesy of Audio Network

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Theamazing Fartman says:

I love her so much!!!

Chasing a Plate - Food and Travel Channel says:

Love your style. Looked like such a fun meal! And that singing at the end 😂 – Thomas

tsukasa1608 says:

would be more authentic if you have the mookata pot.

qkatie says:

I LOVE THIS COLLAB!! You all are so cool. And Jen, I'm loving your camera skills! Really into the style of this vid. xoxoxo

Ivys Kitchen says:

That looks like a lot if fun 🙂 I also do Korean BBQ at home with my friends 🙂

kira soleil says:

just thought you were on tastemade! ah yay i'm excited. heard about your channel from your insta story!! 🙂

JӦYの貓 says:

So different from Chinese/ Japanese hot pot!! But very interesting.

Emily Dunbar says:

you're my fave tastemade bb. came and subscribed to help you meet you 50k goal.

Claudine says:

Where's the vlog Jen and Leo? lol

Diana Romero says:

I was literally singing this song earlier.

Tommi Sharp says:

Love this collab! Happy that I've found you on youtube!

Isabel Izaguirre says:

Yum!!! I want to try this

Warda Rehman says:

always nice to watch your videos… keep it up… lots of love💗 #teamsnapchat

Bessie Arino says:

You don't use any seasonings in the water? That's an interesting alternative. I need to give that a try.

kels adams says:

I love you guys! Please keep the videos coming. You're my highlight on a dull day!

Love from NZ xo

Liah B says:

yum!! I want to try this!

CLo says:

Heyyy! Came from snapchat!

Don Wagas says:

Love your channel and your personality! never stop making videos and keep the good work up!

Feeling Peckish says:


ps. With Leo it's either Ficklespickles or Peru. We love them both!

Maritsa A says:

My friends are going to love this❤❤

Robyn DeGraves says:

this looks delicious! I've always wanted to make hot pot but I'm afraid my place is too small…

Chase Patrick says:

Omg your food looks so amazing!!

Anthony Subandi says:

Hi Jen!! What kind of broth did you use to start the soup?
Loving the "Once you go Asian" box! Hahaha

Brigita Škvarča says:

This is what we call a good life! <3

Purple Train says:

Hahahaha this was fun. Going to try it some time. Also, take care of your eye, Jen. ❤️

Sandra Ruffing says:

This looks like so much fun!

Dylan Rodriguez says:

can I ask where you guys got those mini figures of yourself? 😊

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