How To Open A Young Thai Coconut Safely & Easily

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This DIY is a safe and easy way to open a young thai coconut
Click here for an even easier way to quickly & safely open coconuts:
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Wild Moon says:

Thanks for this video! I found that a hammer instead of the back of a knife is faster/easier. Took about 5 wacks.

Bibi Tan says:

This is by far the best video I've watched using the best method of opening a coconut that looks easy and safe to do, thank you so much for sharing.

Ali says:

Awesome technique. It worked perfectly on the first try! Thank you for this video 🙂

Kristy O'Brien says:

This worked my first time, thanks!

Richard Ringer says:

don't throw the empty shell away. I drill holes in them and fill them with steer manure. then plant the in the ground around my trees

Pj New says:

Lol I can relate to those comments, thank you for sharing how to open coconuts safely

mixwell1983 says:

Just tried it and it was easy. Personally didnt care for the taste of the water or the texture of the meat, it was kind of mushy.

Wendy Filipek says:

Thank you for this video! I finally know how to open a coconut. No more throwing them in the garbage because they rotted before I could figure out how to open them.

Titan Army says:

these arent raw

ChronosGaming says:

when you are looking to eat coconut meat, buy brown ones… the meat is much better. buy the Thai ones for the water

happymusics says:

Thank you so much!!!!

Wotiluv says:

see okraw he opens it with the plastic, don't ever take the plastic off and touch a young coconut just cut it with the plastic.

VegNabz says:

thank you so much! I just opened my coconut that way and it was super easy and delicious 🙂

Anne Fricker says:

I think you are supposed to leave the plastic on the coconut to stop you contaminating the edible parts and yourself with the chemicals these coconuts have been dipped in.

UrbanExplorer1000 says:

love the little editing trick- she probly spent 20 minutes hitting it with the back of her knife

Ann Tiller says:

This will keep me from throwing it out the window….thanks

Matthew Liu says:

the knive is full tang

Kris B. says:

Doesn't work 😏

Isolath Creations says:

I was sceptical about this, but then I tried it and it worked! I am super amazed. Thanks for sharing.

Ruth Stanbury says:

Thank you for this quick easy method to open coconuts. I have tried so many other methods with little success. This is great.

Erin Janus says:

Thanks! This made it SO easy to open. I can't believe I've been spending $5 – $10 for terrbile organic coconuts when I can get AMAZING young thai coconuts full of sweet, amazing coconut water for like $4 at an asian market!

Cameron Guarino says:

Because mallets can cut your fingers.

B H says:

LOL… Glad you got all the time in the world to open a coconut… People need to realise the flat part of the drinking coconut is the easiest way to open

J Money says:

Can't wait to try this!

Tracie Cumbee says:

Awesome video, thank you… just tried this method, only took 4 whacks to the nut and the top centered lifted off….. amazing and so easy!

Somtoya says:


Supreme Banana says:

Thank you! Too many times I've just had to smash my coconut on the floor because I couldn't get the damn thing to open lol

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