How To Make The Best Thai Tom Kha Gai Soup ต้มข่าไก่

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viviana hernandez says:

If i dont want to use coconut milk is that ok? will it still come out flavorful?

Patrick Durham says:

I'm so hungry I'm shooting my diet.

YamiPoyo says:

is that fire coming out of the silver donut shaped pan?

Vilas Khare says:

I made the soup following your recipe, it turned out very well and everyone at home loved it. Your video explains the steps very nicely and they are easy to follow. I made a vegetarian version with carrots and baby corn, instead of chicken. Thank you !! My next adventure is Chicken Satay.

Sabby Neko says:

Where can I buy a serving soup bowl like that? Is it on Amazon? What’s it called? 🙂

Laramie Dunlap says:

Seriously, use subtitles. That's so annoying.

Maria Miranda says:

Lol..  did not get a chance to write down the ingredients..  they fly by so fast!

Mr.Marshall Ck says:

Hello beautiful..🌹😘 I wanna taste your soup tonight.. อร่อย..😋

Sharon Taylor says:

HEAVENLY! my favorite soup in the world.

wanwara phiwphuek says:

ทำได้หมดทุกอย่างค่ะอาหาร อีกอย่างแซบมากเด้อค่ะ

Timothy O'Neill says:

what is that cooking pot with the chimney called?

z3dsdead says:

This recipe is far better than any others I've been watching in my search for the tastiest version I can finally make at home. Thanks! After a few solo attempts following this recipe I will definitely venture off the path and begin experimenting with variations of proteins to expand the possibilities!

velorian85 says:

which chili's are these?

samina khurram says:

Dear where's the authentic tom yum with shrimp soup in your list ?

Teresa Torres says:

my favorite restaurant closed and have tried to find a replacement and its not same so now i can try and make it for my self thanks

Oh hi again says:

Oh my goodness thank you sooooo much for sharing. I could eat this everyday. Excited to make this thank you again for sharing your recipe.

Briana Lewis says:

where can i buy the serving pot ?

Staci Lo says:

Where is ur restaurant?

Anderson Huu says:

Hi, in the case if shrimp is chosen to replace chicken, would you suggest to put shrimp in last to avoid over cook the shrimp? So, would that be add the coconut first, let it boil, and then put in the shrimps? Please advise. Thanks in advance!

murphyjammusashi says:

We love your videos and cook your Tom Ka Gai all the time–so delicious.

Agnes Hu says:

can u shere how too make the chili Tom yum please.

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