How to Make Thai Tea – easy recipe

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Here’s a simple recipe for deliciously sweet and refreshing Thai iced tea, that will have you begging for more while keeping your pocketbook happy on this Emmymade How-to. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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Thai Iced Tea

4 cups water
1 cup Thai tea
3/4 cup sugar
2-3 tablespoons of evaporated milk (half and half, condensed milk, coconut milk, etc.)

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andyland27 says:

What brand of tea did you use?

Martin Roa says:

I just made the tea (ordered in Amazon along with the traditional Thai filter). It was extremely divine !!! I love all your videos. You are amazing !!!! Thanks

Following Phan says:

I love Thai iced tea. I use coffee creamer if I don’t have condensed milk

54321saveusy2j says:

Your voice is so soothing


I first bought this in a glass bottle at an Asian grocery store and have been in love since lol, thanks for the recipe.

Nana Noms says:

is there any reason no one calls it 'Thaiced Tea'

OneHeckOfAButler says:

I use sweetened condensed milk!

Scott & Veronica Cavazos says:

I wanna save money too! LOL, Please tell me what brand of Thai Tea to buy? Would be happy to make it for sure. I just love to order this tea at one of my favorite restaurants. Thanks for the video…

Queen Of My Heart And Home says:

I love me some Thai tea!! Thank you for this recipe!! Can't wait to try it. Please do check out my homemade chai recipe (Indian). Orange and Cardamom flavor, its super easy to make, thanks guys =).

RandallScandal says:

How funny, I just recently developed an obsession with Thai tea after trying it this Christmas at a Thai restaurant. I picked up some Thai tea mix at my Asian market and made it with coconut milk and now I'm just watching different recipes for the fun of it. I never knew Emmy had her own video for it ♡♡♡

Teera Yin says:

If anyone is reading this, use brown sugar instead of regular sugar bc it will taste more authentic. Soak the tea leaves in the water over night and then proceed following the directions to serve. You also can use half half instead of evaporated milk, and regular milk in my experience is not as creamy

Pete &Pete says:

I just bought 6 cans of this but now I'm just gonna make it 👌

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