How to Make Thai Spicy Sauce! [Secret Restaurant Recipe]

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Here’s how to make Thai spicy sauce. Ever wonder why Thai food always tasted so good? I actually have Thai friends who works/owns an authentic Thai restaurant who taught me the “secret restaurant recipe”!

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Jenniferlove F says:

I love that you were informative. However, the camera work was really awful. I had to just minimize my browser and listen because the shakiness and out of focus occurrences made it hard to watch. Just some constructive feedback that I hope helps for future videos 🙂

Jovi Thaoalive says:

thanks for sharing young brother!

Sherry Suas says:

Can you make the Thai green spicy sauce they have on the tables? Thanks

Hello World says:

I'm Thai and yes that looks delicious 😀

SoulfulVeg says:

Went to a Thai cooking class a couple of years ago in Chiang Mai, but couldn't remember how to make this. After watching your video, I jumped right up and made some veggies with Thai sauce. Next time I will double the recipe and reduce the sugar a little bit (personal taste), but you got me started in the right direction. Thanks and Cheers!

Brittany Shala says:

Your cameraman needs to stop zooming in. Otherwise would have been a good video. Thank you for the recipe

thinkagainst says:

no soy sauce or corriander?

K V says:

Please get a tripod.

Keith R says:

Your missing 2 things. Not surprising since most would always leave out a step or 2. But Im sure it tastes good still. You look Korean, where the BBQ at? To me Thai's and Korean's make the best cooked Asian food.

ttasd1 says:

Thanks, i'm going to make that sauce for my Thai girlfriend.

red cool dude says:

Lol. Thanks josh!

lisseth ore says:

big knife thnx for the recipe ot was delicious

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