How to Make Thai Papaya Salad – Som Tum ส้มตำ (Thai Food)

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praskovia sadykova says:

wow for a thai person you have AMAZING english

Anisah Anis says:

Hheeemmm yummyyyy….

Rosi Szanyi says:

Where I gat Palm sugar in Germany???And also drye schrimp !!And I never sah Green Papaya,is that anripe ???

Suyanti Vlog says:

Hi….I love thi salad but can I ask the dry shrimp need to cook first or not,thanks

Nana Roslan says:

Thanks for the Som Tum recipe.. From your nearest neighbor Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 😃

Pattaya Pye says:

This so good.

bảo chân says:

Sẽ không ngon vì tỏi nhiều quá vì ớt rất ít

Street Food Only says:

Love your cooking Rin,thx so much

dominoz back says:

The Thai eat this very spicy. If everyone truly wants to experience authentic thai, it should be made as it's made here in thailand.

Reina Velasquez says:

I love Thai food

Street Food Only says:

Thats nice Som Tum right there

Abhi Foodie says:

Stunning Video ….. I loved it

ธนกรณ์ แจกัน says:

ชอบคะ ตำไทย

Jerry Last says:

Thai papaya is totally different from lao papaya, since I'm laos I think our papaya is really good! Especially the best cure for hangovers lol, something sweet, spicy & sour 😋

Killer God_08 says:

I can make better one 😉😉😉

funfunLetsGo says:

Looks good 😊

Love Leonard says:

i had this yesterday its a no for me

Bruno Giannoni says:

where can i get that papaya? is different from the orange one?

Beanie Kyu says:

Look so easy lol

Vong Lang says:


Junry Borres says:

i luv thai food

natsu says:

Thai papaya salad is my favorite salad no joke

Khonny Sann says:

Man girl you make the salad look and taste like shit

Kadence Gerard says:

Where's the badak at …


I replaced the papaya with thinly cut cabbage and it tastes identical.

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