How to Make Thai Chili Frog (ผัดเผ็ดกบ) — Delicious Village Thai Food Eating!

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On the first day in Nakhon Sawan (นครสวรรค์) we cooked and ate some amazing spicy chili filled quail (you can watch that video here: ). On the next day, I wasn’t really planning to make a video, but Ying’s Aunt decided to make chili frog — Thai food village style with lots of oil and lots of chilies and garlic — so I decided to make a quick video to show you how she made it and the food all the Thai food we ate for lunch.

Here are the main ingredients for this Thai recipe for this spicy frog:

Frog (กบ kob)
Curry paste (เครื่องแกงเผ็ด kreung gaeng ped)
Fish sauce – น้ำปลา (nam pla)
Holy basil (กระเพรา kraprao)
Chilies – (พริก prik)
Garlic – (กระเทียม gratiem)
Green peppercorns (พริกไทยอ่อน prik thai awn)

After preparing the frog, she added in a lot of oil, then first fried up the chili paste and garlic and chilies, which I think were pounded with pepper. Then in went the frog, which we fried for about 10 minutes. Then finally we added in fish sauce to taste, the green peppercorns and finally the holy basil at the very end.

Along with making the chili frog (pad ped kob ผัดเผ็ดกบ), for lunch we also had a variety of other dishes, including pla salid (ปลาสลิด), which is a snakeskin gourami fish that’s salted and dried, then deep fried.

Another great meal in the Thai countryside!

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romanys3 says:

What a beautiful family environment.

Paul Brojack says:

good job!!!good food…..l like u english speaking…it s very clear..easy to understand what it mean..

Masaya Pyrok says:

love to visit where you are……. someday. may i rent you as my tour guide? GOD bless you.

Mr670911 says:

Nice ,I've tried shark meat and it s amazing wen u smoke it

ponga pagong says:

Super oily food !!!!

rosyred2015 says:

All ur dishes looks delicious

Conan 1812 says:

Mark you should come to Northern Ireland 🇬🇧 . We have amazing beef and seafood. I would happily show you round

Ari Aphrodite says:

Mark, if no one answered you about the red berry, it's called a Crab Apple. We have those around our house in Louisiana USA 🙂

Elizabeth Angel says:

I used to snack on that fried snakeskin gourami all the time as a kid. My favorite part was the little piece of fat along the spine. So yummy!

Matz Rocas says:

In Philippines we call that fruit Alatiris.

Kiadtisak Kaewtakun says:


Dwight Turner says:

Damn, stop eating the bones!

mcson1987 says:

That fruit berry is called Kerson (English name)

蔡文明 says:

That fruit call aratilis. Its juicy and sweet.

Twin Jalanugraha says:

Your Thai is amazing

416 rem says:

Mark she cooks like my Grandmother…no measuring but a delicious outcome.

Robert Cohen says:

Berry you ate Mayhal in English

Thabo Nongkhai says:


Suzaku 4000 says:

In phils that fruit is calles searesa or aratilis hehe

xerwin says:

i love thai food and i want to marry a thai girl someday just like you mark. godbless

Teresa Chai KF says:

A really interesting and scrumptious lunch. I think l would love the quail dish but not the frogs. Really enjoy your travel, hotels, historical sites, and of course, the food blog. There's a -food stall in Singapore that sells frog porridge at Geylang area which is very popular with the food lovers.
Micah is so cute. He looks the same in your current food blog. But he's getting so big and inherit hid Daddy's good looks.

Phuc Le says:

"I can feel that burning down my throat now…", proceed to eat the rest of the peppercorns. How is Mark even possible?

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