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Pad thai may seem like a dish better left to the experts, but we beg to differ: with a little bit of prep work, and a dash of know-how, it can be – and should be – made at home. Still anxious about trying your hand at this Thai street-food favorite? We enlisted the help of chef Jet Tila to walk us through the process; watch the video for his tips and tricks.

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jose bejarano says:

Why does she hold the fork like an infant

Jupe367 says:

I did not realize it is that easy to make the sauce.

Max Piriyasombat says:

put sriracha into pad thai?? welcome to america……

tueybooo says:

It's call chemistry, get cho dirty minds out of the gutter!

rashmi yuan says:

Chef could u plz help me the substitute of picked reddish…. as am not able to find one.

Mr Brown says:

When I eat pad thai I ask for the spice tray. what are on the the spice trays?

judy pazon says:

i make more than that…and i dont want to share. hahaha! i love pad thai everyday! however, i love veggies so i put carrots and cabbage too with lemon on the side!

donkeyenvious says:

This Asian guy is exceptionally charismatic

Marieclaude Paho says:

Thé way he loves what he does is sooo sexy!

Alynna Bee says:

He's Def awesome! He makes it so clear. He should be a teacher at

Brittany Weber says:

Thank you for the never use Olive oil tip!! I was totally going to use olive oil! Will not!

Julie Hawj says:

It would be nice to have the recipe below the video…i always reference this video but hate to re watch it to get the recipe

MrFourkinghell says:

not the best way to make pad thai. Lacks authentic method. Plus where is the ketchup? All good pad thai has ketchup.

Mark Satterfield says:

I live in Mexico and though tamarind pods are easy to find I have a found a Tamarind drink concentrate that I mix 3 tbl tamarind concentrate, 2 tbl rice wine vinegar and 1/4 tsp salt and it make a fantastic and an easy tamarind sauce. No need for sugar as the concentrate is plenty sweet.

Jesse Butzelaar says:

Fuckin disgusting. Horrific pad thai

Jacob Sed says:

He looks like a potato

Hans Tun says:

If you are a chef at a restaurant in Canada that serves Pad Thai, WATCH THIS! I have ordered Pad Thai possibly a hundred times only to get some random fried noodle dish pooling with sauce. This is THE most ruined dish in the country I think. In 10 years of trying I have never gotten a properly made Pad Thai.

Same for commercially available Pad Thai sauce that usually contains no fish sauce and no tamarind….wtf!?

scarlett says:

It was really tasty but the color was too pale. I'm used to redder pad thai

Chrissy Mitchell says:

"Alright, girl. Be spicy" me lol

Gruuvin1 says:

Don't trust Asian cooking from English accents.

jam kop says:

Lol how he's teaching her how to make a south east asian dish when he looks more east asian and she lookst south east asian.

peakarach says:

That's Lao Khua Mee, ( fried noodles ), original. Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian cuisines is Lao cuisine original.

Alexandria Dean says:

This guy said sexy a lot 😂😂😂

hu li says:

This chef is talking too much shit! Shut up and cook

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