How to make green curry with mixed vegetables

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3 red skin potatoes, 2 small carrots, 1/2 onion, 1 squash, 1-2 cup of long snake bean, 2 celery, 3 bay leaves, 1/3 cup of cilantro, 1/3 cup of basil, 1-2 tbs of green curry paste, 13 oz of coconut milk, 1 tbs of tamarind, 1 tsp of brown sugar, a pinch of salt and pepper suit your taste.


akshyp2001 says:

I added cauliflower and red/yellow bell pepper. It tastes really good. I didn't add the tamarind paste though.
Your recipe has the perfect cooking time. Saute for 3 minutes + add coconut milk and bring to boil + simmer for 8 minutes. The vegetables were done just right when I followed the exact steps. I hate when I the vegetables are too mushy or under cooked..

S. S. Lee says:

As a chef, you should set  a good example. Use proper kitchen tools. Surely, you should use a spatula, instead of a spoon. As another viewer has pointed out, you don't use metallic tools on a non-stick pan. It reflects poorly on you.

Ashfaq rafat says:

can you please give iudeas about how to make the green curry paste? TIA

Mike Davis says:

You might want to check the ingredients in curry paste, sometime there's shrimp paste in there. Also holy basil is amazing in green curry too 🙂 good video

migrantchick says:

really great video.  thanks a lot.

In Rem says:

You're a great presenter! 

joshua webb says:

Looks really good. I'm going to make something similar tonight but with chicken and fish sauce. First time make thai curry, wish me luck!

Sunny Huang says:

awesomeee!!!! thank you!!

Tetiana Volynskiy says:

Thanks, just made it)

Miss Miss says:

Very cool. great step through!

Master Designer says:

Very interesting and so nice to watch. Thank you so much!

balderdashery G says:

Great!  I have to make this ASAP!  Thank you.

luz vidaña says:

thank you! 🙂

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