How to make a simple Pad Thai!

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This is my simple take on Pad Thai, a classic dish from Thailand packed with wonderful aromatic ingredients! It’s possibly one of the most famous Thai dishes and appears on menus throughout the world. Rightfully so, its a speedy dish full of deep layers of sweet and aromatic flavors.

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Wubbles says:

My favourite southeast asian dish! Thanks Donal!

Russell Wellner says:

Just made it and it was great!

Giselle B says:

Definitely not pad thai. But looks good

Tienchai Phongkanphay says:

I like how these westerners try to re-create pad Thai. interesting approach.

Fatima S says:

So wait u don't cook the noodles 1dt?

Math Addit! says:

Thank goodness he didn't use peanut butter again. He could have use actual peanuts to make the sate sauce in the other video.

fuzz Wuzz says:

Too many Thai people complaining.. the title does not state authentic dish! It's a simplified version! Quit harassing this dude he did well!

Claire Wyndham says:

no tamarind??

Sauhard Rai says:

Dont you need any seasoning?

Phoenix Princess says:

All of your recipes look amazing. keep up the great work!

Rayhana Khan says:

As i am a Thai. even many things missing but its impressive on the way you do and how you love the food…👍 for your way. There are nothing right or wrong, its beautiful of combination. Keep it up 😉

Pueng Fuang says:

That looks really good, good job!

Jintana Yaoyuneyong says:

It's fake Pad Thai!!

Tienchai Phongkanphay says:

this is a very odd but very interesting way of making pad thai by a farang. anyways, it is all wrong. thai ppl washes their herbs to begin with. where is the tamarind??

Kai D Vongola says:

drool (*_*)

Sherlyn Sitthiwatethanasiri says:

I'm Thai. I have just watched it. He made different ingredients. The authentic Pad Thai is not like this. Anyway I 'd like to try this seemed yummy too and he is very energetic happy chef ^^

Pixelbyte says:

Not a pad thai but it is so delicious <3<3

Thatchapan Boriboon says:

more THAI's food ,please

IrmaU94 says:

i am one of those people who doesnt eat coreander because it tastes like soap to is for some reason. In most dishes i try to swap it for parsley. otherwise i just leave it out. Im not very familiar with Asian dishes. Does anyone know a substitute or could i leave it out?

Simon says:

You had a big lump of soil on those corriander stalks..

ally hamilton says:

I wish we were friends, we have the same taste in food and, no one ever want to get Thai food with me! Pad Thai is the beeeessst! I'm gonna try the recipe thanks! 😀

Mahira says:

thats to much sugar

meowiiii says:

what…. where's the tamarind….

Jhonny Leonard Martin says:

no tamarind sauce?!?!

A.D muthukumaraswamy says:

Yo my real name is Sahaan I'm just using my grandmas I pad.

In my heritage country India, ( I was born in America) we use cilantro ( or coriander) in like every dish we have created)

Rebecca Le says:

Hey! Where do you get the aardvark hands from?

Seri Chao says:

Great video! I need those aardvark hands!

Leslie VR. says:

What are those Aardvark Hands actually called? 0_o

Fire Dolphin says:

Coriander or Cilantro???

Sleepless Wanderer says:

I was wondering on what would I break my fast and I came across your video , its a fantastic dish to break fast on : 😀

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