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How to get from Surat Thani to KOh Samui budget travel is our video of travel advise on how to get to Koh Samui from Bangkok for cheap. It was so easy and saved us lots of money. If you like this video please subscribe for more helpful videos. Leave us a comment if you like or need anymore advise on this journey. Thanks for watching Jamesyboy Experiment.


Just_Nana1984 says:

Hi guys, thank you so much for this vid! One question though. When you bought your Air Asia tickets doesn't it include the bus transfer to the pier and the ferry ticket?

Arif Lee says:

Hi guys, curious to know if it was cheaper to buy on the spot once you've arrived at Surat Thani Airport or was it cheaper to buy online first? Thanks in advance 😀

Yana Mohamed says:

Hey there… Thank u for commenting on my channel… U too have a great channel… Ive subbed… Hope u dont mind subbing back… Thanks a lot ya!

Maz Livewell says:

Awesome tip👍💖😉looks so relax in the ferry too, gr8 sharing dear friend👌

Imo and Izzy says:

Looked fun! Imo x

Emanuel Andrews says:

awesome channel my friend 👌 i subbed

Bm Channel says:

Good short video and fast, cheap transfer! Great to know such things. 😉👍

TheAdventurousVlogger says:

Brilliant timing,Just booked the Asia Trip,Will be heading To Koh Samui & .ko pha ngan…May ask for some help on things to do etc,if that's ok? Did you go to ko pha ngan

Travels with Tan says:

This was definitely useful, enjoy your stay in Koh Samui!

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