How to Get From Bangkok to Pattaya, Thailand for $3!

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I traveled from Bangkok, Thailand to Pattaya by mini-van which was only 92 Thai baht, or less than $3 USD. The two motorcycle taxi rides were 150 baht each, or about $4 so total cost of the trip was about $11. The mini-vans leave Bangkok from right near Victory Monument. PS. I was wrong about Ko Samet, it isn’t off the coast at Pattaya but further south, near Ban Phe.
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How to Get From Bangkok to Pattaya, Thailand for $3!


Gabriel Traveler says:

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MLA says:

Bangkok to Pattaya…best and cheapest way is bus from Ekkamai station. Less than 200 baht. Best way to get to Ekkamai station is skytrain in Bangkok. Just get to the skytrain by whatever means wherever you are in Bangkok. When you arrive at the bus station in Pattaya, get on a baht bus to where you need to go.

Sukhi Kaur says:

hi I love ur video's

Beyond The Stars says:

Gabriel something wrong with your camera , check your setting, the quality is shit

Angry Hyena says:

Catch bus straight from airport to Pattaya 200 Baht. Go to bottom floor in terminal, get all buses either to Pattaya, into Bangkok or Phuket cheap prices.

gk10002000 says:

i don't understand the motorbike rides. Go to ekami bus station and take bus. Or go to BKK the suvarnubami airport and take the pattaya bus which is like 134 baht, not the bell but, the other one.

Josie Fruit says:

Does it safe to ride a motor bike there?

Josie Fruit says:

Does it safe to travel in bangkok alone for woman?

Robin Sattahip says:

Not a week goes by one of those public transit vans does not have a fatal crash, and they drive like maniacs.

sandy moonstone says:

. 👌 🐘

irongoatrocky says:

the Minivan service from Victory Monument no longer exists as of Oct 2016 you need to go to either the Southern Bus Terminal or the Mo Chit Bus Terminal

kevin campbell says:

1000b will get you a nice aircon taxi from door to door,bkk to tattaya at a time of your choosing. The whole thing will take 90 minutes.
Its a silly way to travel. If you are so skint you have tp skimp on basic transport they you shouldnt be in the country. More and more backpackers end up begging and have a tediously spartan time barely able to feed themselves in Thailand.

Jason Rupp says:

subscribed bro.

Jason Rupp says:

u da man. good job.

Howard Neely says:

31 baht from Bangkok to Pattaya by train, then moto taxi to Pattaya, one train per day.

capio78 says:

could have taken a baht bus from Pattaya to Jotien for 10 baht

Craig Ross says:

The motorbike had pretty decent English: real comprehension. A lucky break. There seems to be only one train a day, but that's dirt cheap, and might be quite mellow.

BalochonMove says:

Well, You were in Soi Rumbottri and then you took a motorbike taxi to victory monument and then a van to Pattaya… wow… that was a pretty long journey itself. The best thing you could do from Soi Rumbottri or Khao San road, that you could directly go to
" Sai Tai Mai Bus Terminal, Taling Chan" which is not very far from Khaosan road or Soi Rambuttri area. Just need to cross the Chao Phraya River and then take motorbike taxi or even a bus to get to that Bus Terminal.,100.4104555,13z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1ssai+tai+bus+terminal!3m4!1s0x0:0xb97b1815b9569b51!8m2!3d13.7808395!4d100.4229033

MKR nallavan says:

gabriel ..its damn cheap price time i will try for same

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