How to get from Bangkok to Koh Samui cheap? Prices & calculations included.

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It is time for us to leave Germany and head on back to SEA. We chose to fly from Frankfurt with Thai Airways and we didn’t regret it. Flight all in all took a bit over 10 hours. Service on board was great, food delicious, wine never ending ehehehe and we did enjoy the entertainment system.

Keep in mind our final destination was Koh Samui ( the 2nd largest island in Thailand and a popular place to visit). We booked our next flight not directly to Koh Samui but to Surat Thani with Thai Smile airlines ( a subsidiary of Thai Airways). Our flight was not the best because of the weather conditions, we couldn’t land for about 40-50 minutes and there was serious turbulence. We do have to complement the service on board, we even had food!

So after landing we took a bus to the downtown and stayed overnight at a nice, cheap hotel called MyPlace ( ), ohhh we only paid USD 15/night. In the hotel, we arranged for the bus+ferry tickets and ended up being very happy with that.

Next was pretty easy, woke up at 5, went downstairs to the lobby at 6, they got us a taxi (and paid for it) to the bus terminal, took the bus, took the ferry and voila we are in Koh Samui. Below you can see the comparisons of how we actually travelled and expenses vs another choice we looked at. Hope it will be helpful!

Actual route calculations per person:
Frankfurt-Bangkok (Thai Airways) – EUR 400
Bangkok-Surat Thani (Smile Airways) – Baht 999 (EUR 26)
Surat Thani Airport-Downtown – Baht 100 (EUR 2.6)
MyPlace Hotel – USD 7.5 (EUR 6.97)
Bus+Ferry to Samui (bought from the hotel) – Baht 250 (EUR 6.59)

Total spent EUR 442.16

Considered route:
Frankfurt-Bangkok-Koh Samui (Thai Airways) – EUR 523.49/person

You would think that we lost some time and you would be wrong! We have seen a lot more and explored a lot more than a person who would just take a direct flight to Samui. There is a nice little night market in Surat Thani, the road to the ferry is wonderful and you can enjoy observing local community and nature, you can relax with the sea breeze in your hair on a ferry! And of course, we saved money!

Saving per person EUR 81.33
Savings per couple as we are one eheheh EUR 162.66

Enjoy and stay safe guys!

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