How to get from Bangkok airport to Pattaya – Fast, Cheap Bus

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Step-by-step guide on how to get from the Bangkok International Airport to your hotel in Pattaya in just two hours and for only 130 baht. Much cheaper than private taxi and almost as fast. Avoid the turmoil in Bangkok and go straight to the nightlife and beach in Pattaya.

I’m not in Thailand at the moment but am hearing that most bars and other attractions are still open in Pattaya and Bangkok, just closing early. The airport bus described in the video is still operating. If arriving late at the airport you should, however, plan on staying in Bangkok overnight and taking a bus the next day (see the comments below for more details on how to do that cheaply).


Michael Heron says:

The exchange rate for the pound at the moment is relay bad, so i am going to give this a go and trim some costs down.

Bee Somsak says:

This bus runs to Jomtien. You are better to go to the 2nd floor & look for the BELL service Bus to Pattaya. It takes you to
the Pattaya Bus station off Sukhumvit Rd then from their Bell Service mini vans take you to your Hotel for free. This is a much better service if you don't want to go to Jomtien and good buses. You will see a Bell service boy on the seats opposite the counter so just ask for BELL Service. See

frank cuomo says:

so helpful…thanks

Adam Forrester says:

I,m not rich fuck that pay 1000 baht straight off flight to hotel !!! Long enough flight plus on walking street u probs saved 4 drinks and tips fuck the headache if u said it,ll save 3000 to 10,000 I,d be listening lol

MrPersianboy7 says:

thank you man you solved a big mysteri by this video 😉

paresh patel says:

Very Good Place

Paul MOXY says:

Good video thanks. I may give this a try rather than my usual By Private Taxi, a big saving

Samir Raza says:

now the day bus r Available

MKR nallavan says:

do not get a tuk tuk (pick-up) exactly where you get down from the bus..they are over charging you to reach hotel..just cross the opposite road and get baht tuk tuk they will reach yor hotel for 10 or 20 baht depend the distance

HuyTramNhuThu says:

Thank you for the info. It's very helpful "Bali Girl"!

PLO 8 says:

hi which part of pattaya for a longer stay is best? i would like to rent a appartment, and im really not intersted in night life, i would rater like to check a muay Thai School. ty for help =)

Todd Vernard says:

GOOD VIDEO i do many videos on walking street yours is good i stay on soi 6 beach hotel

roof pizza says:

LOL. For whatever reason, many/most flights from America land around 24 :00. Also, if you do arrive at an hour when the bus is operating don't exchange too much money at the airport as the exchange rates aren't as good as what you can get on Pattaya streets. 134 Baht for the bus? Maybe change 20 USD at the airport and then more upon arrival in Pattaya. At the very most, exchange what you need for one day.

Michael Knight says:

I've got a feeling it will be chucking it down once I reach. My only worry is my transportation once I get off of the bus. I'm hoping I can just Hail a taxi with no problems.

Vikas Chawla says:

I would be taking a bus to pattaya for a hotel nearby walking Street. where should I get down.

baz kashmir says:

Hi Bali Girl,
I will be trying out this bus service in December,could you please tell me if the south pattaya stop would be the first stop or the last stop the bus makes.I will be staying in hotel on South pattaya road ( pattaya Tai)..Also does the bus stop on same side of sukhumvit road and corner of Pattaya Tai or on the othert side of Sukhumvit road facing Pattaya Tai..Thanks Baz

Plumpy says:

Naaah… Rather pay 1K BHT

SuperRhondo says:

Does the bus run 365 days a year?

paul Hyde says:

anyone finding themselves arriving late at night.just team up with others,brings taxi price down.better than waiting for the 7 am bus..

rudeliberal says:

what door number I was looking at the fine girl going down the escalator

James Zurawski says:

Good info, I'm arriving at DMK airport. Do you know if there's a bus from there or do I have to get to BKK airport.  Thanks …

Jorge Hernández says:

that looks easy enough

Midax aries says:

how long will it take from airport to pattaya?

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