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Eating rice with chopsticks? You’ve been doing it wrong, silly farang!

Apsorn Gumnurdmanee, owner of the legendary Krua Apsorn Restaurant in Bangkok, lays down the laws of eating Thai food in this Coconuts TV video.

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Big thanks to Krua Apsorn for letting us shoot at your lovely and tasty establishment! Krua Apsorn makes the most delicious crab yellow curry and

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columbusohio72 says:

This video was more entertaining than I expected

R. K. Vis says:

Whoa, I thought only Filipinos ate using a fork to arrange food onto the spoon….

kujo jotaro says:


Peter Lyu says:

lol, I'm Chinese and I use chopsticks for everything, especially rice.

Phusit Ruanghathainont says:

วิธีกินอาหารไทย แบบเรื่องมาก

NaNaSomeOne says:


What ?? says:

This is not true I have been using chopsticks since i was 3 I eat many things with chopsticks including som tam She obviously made it up I have never heard we only use fork and spoon I eat pad thai with chopsticks and I cringe every time seeing people eat pad thai with fork and spoon, fking pretentious the ones that put rice on spoon with fork to eat are freaking pretentious i don't want to associate with them

Pannawat Putto says:

กินๆไปเลย ป้าหลักการเยอะไป เสียเวลา


whats the background music called?

Tiffany N says:

What is hilarious is "authentic Thai restaurants" in the USA are also providing just forks because they are catering to westerners.  They also sweeten the food.  During the pre-modern period Siamese adapted by adopting forks and spoons so that we can enjoy curry dishes with rice.  Beyond curry dishes we have stir fries with some liquid which helps flavor the rice

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