How to Cook The Best Pad Thai With Hong Thaimee

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Hong Thaimee

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guinw haha says:

That not pat thai at all

Deleted Account says:

Yea.. authentic pad thai has NO PEANUT BUTTER in it. I don't understand why many westerners go crazy with peanuts in pad thai.

salonika101 says:

Anyone named Hong thaimee making thai food? It's definitely authentic. Love Pad Thai !

saigonbond says:

Missing dried shrimp. Peanuts should be crushed.

leyla lily says:

I think I live on another planet😂😂. Most of the ingredients you mentioned I see for the first time in my life except the eggs of course 😂😂😂😂 we love you and we love your culture😍😍😍
All the best

Zerus Zephuros says:

Thai food!!! Thais xD!!!

gameplayer 24/7 says:

This seems cool is this Chinese or Japanese food?

Wan Fu says:

Looks lovely! Question: How long do you soak the noodles?

Kimberly H says:

I’m in Thailand right now. The food is great! Not much pad Thai though, but there are so many other yummier foods I never knew about!

R Garlin says:

Please prevent me from watching such videos when I am (a) very hungry and (b) miles and miles away from any Thai restaurant!

Eboni Hanson says:

Like the idea but why put tofu with thw chicken tho 😒 it doesn't make sense.

MISS RHYTHM เสน่ห์ปลายจังหวะ says:

One of my fav !

TheDannyShow says:

It’s kind of funny how pad Thai is one of the most well known Thai foods in the world. But here in Thailand, we rarely or just occasionally eat pad Thai. Like I can’t even remember the last time I did.

Nene 7650 says:

Love you FROM Thailand <3

Lupin Fox says:

I'm allergic to peanuts..

A_ M says:


James Wright says:

Pad Thai is hardly eaten in Thailand, it's not even in the top 10 most popular dishes. I know that because I've lived in Thailand for years. And yes the most basic Thai dishes are easy but beyond that, farangs can't get the balance right, Ramsey couldn't even get it right.

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