How Its Made – 1397 Thai Barbecues

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How Its Made Season 28 episode 12 Thai Barbecues

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Suttipong Phuensaen says:

This kind of stoves is called in Thai as เตาอั้งโล่ "Tao Ang Loh" which was made and sold by Chinese people in Thailand in old time.

telly diana dayondon says:

i have one of this.. it just take two months and it broke…

Gilson Tsang says:

i love a good hand job

Topsy Kret says:


Marc S. says:

That is amazing.

jack the ripper says:


Nirut Chuensukhon says:


Alex Cummings says:

I live in Thailand. We use it for hotpot and grilling parties. Our kitchen is inside yes but…. not really.

darkmente14 14 says:

This is awsome

MutoreoCookie says:

2:58 you mean a pipe? XD

Basudev Baral says:

Dude , its called chula in india . It was developed first in in india.

Vishvjeet Cheema says:

This thing is very common in India and ppl usually make it at home.

ryan crawford says:

The WORD (Barbeque) B.B.Q came from Australia you dumbass! 💩

ตันติกร คำกุณา says:

อ่อ.. ทำแบบนี้เอง

Samson H says:

why on earth isn't this sold in the USA? this would be a PERFECT portable bbq for camping, family get-togethers and outdoor parties/festivals

Bright Beem says:

Good stuff well done Thailand craftman

GAURON123 says:

rice nigge bbq tech

hsen ft says:

uncutme is my instagram

Falmer says:

The word barbecue comes from the middle age French "barbe au cul" which refers to the act of grilling a pig from "the beard to the ass".
Please do more than a Wikipedia search next time.

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