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Liza and I explore Hawaii and run into a lot of wild animals! Also liza almost fell out of my car, so we basically died filming this vlog

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J Field says:

Wow David “we can have the black rhinos by the white rhinos because they’ll from them”

Frankie Panicucci says:

I’ve never heard Liza curse 🤫

• Xurelia • says:

I don’t care if it wasn’t actually cursing it’s been crucial for my health to hear Liza curse

Kimberley Gilmore says:

The last part was killing me😂😂😂😁

Kadeesha Livingston says:

The black jokes… smh

Landry Caswell says:

please make your vids longer!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky Avery says:

Is it me or do I watch everyone of his vlogs over and over again

Annon Boy says:

Did Liza just say fuck it

Seeret Dhaliwal says:

0:24 I cant believe Liza just swear cause normally she always acts funny, but its ok I will acpect Liza as my favourite youtuber no matter what she does and David you are my favourite youtuber as well cough cough no JK. Love you bye

H A L E Y V Ø W E L S says:

I feel stupid for just realizing this but I just found out if you press the time thingy it will bring you to that exact time. Mind blown.

SP33DY says:

I went to that exact zoo xDD

Kawaii Unicorn says:

0:24 OMG did Liz-

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I get it

Alana Foster says:

Liza was in the whole video I am so happy 😊😍

J Bambi says:

It's pronounced poo ket

Anna Blackhurst says:

hawaii welcomes you back anytime!! come to northshore!!

Savannah Tankersley says:

When she swore my heart actually stop. I love her even if she does but it’s so weird!

Jadzia Lemons says:

Actually you can't put them together because the white rhinos will steal the black rhinos culture.

Angela Cicero says:

Low key my favorite vlog and it was a year ago😭😍😂❤️

Zach Thomas says:

I’ve legit know almost every place they’ve been to in this vlog. Good thing I moved to Hawaii not long ago 😂😂

Marisa Adamson says:

I love how liza makes this whole vlog like everyone else wouldnt give enough content by themselves but liza can

Alia Russo says:

I miss Liza in Davids vlogs

Gamekiller says:

This video is f up

Chedder Ched says:

Surfer Liza>me, my friends, David dobrik

Deevanshi Hurnaum says:

Phuket 😂😂i thought liza cursed!!!!!!

Camila Cordova says:

I never heard Liza says fuck it

Steph Castro says:

Her Hawaiian accent was just so on point 😂

KTFasho says:

He was right by my house, cant believe i missed this

Ezrah Elisa says:

Omg when Liza said Phuket tai my world ended😂😭

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